The Devil’s in the Details
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Lots of little tweaks, but not much eye candy.

UNO cleans up the interface, giving everything the "sunken metal" style, instead of the combination of stripes, brushed metal, and sunken metal that OS X currently suffers from.

Yahoo Widget Engine lets me track the weather (lower left) and hard drive SMART status (green dot in upper right).

The Missing Sync keeps my PDA synchronized much more cleanly than Palm Desktop. Plus, the iSync conduit keeps my calendar and to-do lists synchronized between PDA and computer.

SlimBatteryMonitor lets me track my laptop battery status with color and uses less space.

I’m running on an iBook hacked to support a second non-mirrored display (saving a cool grand versus a Powerbook) thanks to Screen Spanning Doctor

The dock is small enough to not obscure icons, and the Trash Can is pinned to the lower right corner of the screen in observance of Fitt’s Law.

I’m using the Firefox Tab X extension to put close buttons right on the tabs.

Adium lets me talk to friends on AIM, Yahoo, MSN, and GTalk/Jabber with a single ad-free window.

Delicious Library tracks all of my books, CDs, movies, and video games along with (most importantly) who I’ve lent them to.

Finally, as an old Unix guy, law requires that I keep at least one terminal window open at all times.

Needs a spotlight
Laptop Battery

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