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How to Save Battery by Automatically Disable Enable Wifi According to Location?


How to Save Battery by Automatically Disable Enable WiFi According to Location ?? ???? Wi-Fi?? ???????????? ???, ??? ?????? ??????? ??? ??? ???????????.. Mus…
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How to disable the password on an old Toshiba laptop


This video is mostly a response to YouTuber “solartape,” but may be useful for anyone else dealing with a computer that prompts you for a password as soon as…
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How to disable VAIO’s original battery check.


How to disable VAIO's original battery check.

This is how to disable that annoying message that every vaio says whenever they want, even when using a original battery (as you can see, i’m using the original battery that came with my computer). “The installed battery may not be properly connected to the computer or may not be compatible with the computer. Click “OK” to enter Hibernate mode, and remove and reinsert the battery.” There is a software that sony batteries installs in the system to check the battery model and bitch if it thinks that there is something wrong with the battery. It’s called ISBMgr.exe, finishing that process disables the notification in the current session, but if we restart the computer, the pop-up will be there again. To completely disable that annoyance, look in the registry, it’s very easy to find in HKLM\SW\MS\Win\CurrentVersion\Run. Or just type “isbmgr” in the search box and delete the key related. Why this happens? In the vaio world, everything is proprietary and model-locked, that means non-standard computer battery and non-standard methods of checking if any software or hardware that you try to run on your vaio computer, is authorized by Sony battery to run on your particular model. For example, after you unbox and start to use your new vaio, everything works seamlessly, all keys work, the FN+F6 combination works also, the S1 and AV MODE keys runs their commands. When you have a problem and need to reinstall the entire system, you found that the S1 keys doesn´t work anymore, the display is always at full
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How to disable the ‘beep’ noise played when plugging in the charger on the Gateway NV5207u laptop


How to disable the beeping noise that plays whenever you plug or unplug the battery charger on the Gateway NV5207u laptop (may work for other models, but I haven’t tested). Hope it helps!
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