week 9 – getting distracted
Laptop Batteries

Image by mjtmail (tiggy)
where to start with this week? its been one distraction after another. it seems like everything i’ve had to get done, didn’t.

the work golf day is coming round in the next month or so, so the rev and i will need to start our practice plan to avoid me making a fool of myself on the first tee.

one of my dealextreme orders came, amongst other things a laser pointer that can pop balloons & one of those fire starting sparky firing things we all had as kids in scouts. campfire here we come.

still waiting for replacement cells for nicky’s laptop battery. i’m hoping for the early part of next week.

Upcoming travel
Laptop Batteries

Image by Mike Hudack
A huge portion of my next three days will be spent within aluminum tubes slicing through the air at hundreds of miles per hour. It will seem to me as if I am sitting still in extremely cramped quarters with a dozen channels of crappy satellite television to keep me occupied once my laptop battery craps out.

Maybe I’ll read.

Old and New
Laptop Batteries

Image by Checkered and aMUSEd
I’ve never liked my Vaio. It’s slow, has little space, is crazy heavy, and has pathetic battery life. The only thing I like about it is the size of the screen for playing games/photo editing, but not for movies[it can't handle black worth shit]

The thinkpad was a gift from my advisor. I love it. It’s fast, light, has more space than my Vaio, and has a 3.5 hour battery life. My only gripe is the crappy sound from speakers put on the bottom of the laptop.
It’s me-sized! =]

I’m busy being an engineer so photos have sort of taken a backseat. Sorry. I’m sick of sluts anyways. They’re boring. My current classes keep me from that side of campus so I’m pretty happy.

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