To order a PowerDome EX you can use this link This will be the first in a series of test I will be doing with the 400 Watt inverter function of the Wagan 400-Watt Power Dome EX. In this test I ran a Sony battery Vario Laptop playing a DVD and a Seville Classic Tower Fan on Medium Speed. The Laptop was run with out the battery to insure the results measured the actual power draw. In an actual power outage of course you would not do that. Some additional tests will measure the PC doing various tasks both with and with out the battery, running a DSL modem, running a small television and DVD player and some other ideas I have. This device has a lot going for it, some features include…. * 600 cranking amp auto jump starter * 260 PSI high power motor air compressor * 400 watt AC power inverter, high intensity LED light * Built-in AM/FM radio with iPod™ input * 2 AC Outlets and 1 DC outlets I have used the jump starter and it worked perfectly, we also use the radio feature by our pool and on our decks often. I have used the compressor and it was effective but not stellar, certainly good enough to air up your tire enough to get to better services. I firmly believe that one of these belongs in every car or truck you own. The tests I am doing with the inverter for back up power is really more a nice to have, the main function of this device is to keep you mobile, informed and with lighting on the road. Note that even when the power was to low to run the devices that the light and

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