Survey Pt 4- Downloading
Computer Batteries

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A bit sad i know…

Weekend project
Computer Batteries

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I wanted to do some high-speed photography again, but my strobe controller wasn’t working properly. The lockout circuit wasn’t working, so it would trigger lots of times way too quickly to get one clean exposure. Rather than just debug and repair the circuit, I thought I’d make it better. I ended up ripping out all the timing circuits, put a microcontroller in their place, and programmed it to do the job of a tangle of 555 timers, resistors and capacitors. I also have some improvements in mind for it..

Suntai – Relax
Computer Batteries

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I came to Bali to recharge the batteries, refind "the spirit" and put together some strategic thoughts for the business (plus shopping with Kim).

It took 17 days to peel back the layers of noise and chatter to achieve the objective "Suntai" (relax) – it probably could have been a lot quicker if I’d turned off the computer and phone and got out into the country side sooner.

We are so connected with all our technology (was able to do 1/2 dozen job interviews yesterday from the poolside) but it is our connection with our family, our communities, our environment and spirit that are the foundations to value in all of this.

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