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Ikea FIXA drill repair / Battery Replacement (Fail: wrong type Li-ion cell used see description.)


Turns out that the cells that I used for the replacement were of the slow discharge rate ones, and they aren’t capable of providing the current needed by the…
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PC Laptop Macbook Battery Powered SCREWDRIVER repair automatic cordless computer drill

0 to order This is a review of the Husky PC Laptop MacBook battery powered screwdriver. You can…
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Part1 – How to revive / rejuvenate / fix a bad rechargeable NiCd battery for cordless drill


** THIS WILL ONLY WORK FOR NICD BATTERIES – DO NOT DO IT TO NIMH OR LION ** This video will show you how to fix a bad or old NiCd battery for your cordless power tools. You need to have a power source that is double the voltage of your current battery. So if your battery is 18V, then you…

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Home Hitachi Tools – Hitachi 14.4 Volt Cordless Drill Kit


Home Hitachi Tools – Hitachi 14.4 Volt Cordless Drill Kit

I just wanted to tell everyone how much I like the Hitachi Cordless 14.4-volt Driver Drill Kit with Flashlight. I purchased mine several years ago and use it all the time. That is a testimony to its’ rugged construction and durability. I am retired now from working in a Diesel Repair Body Shop, now I have my own Carpentry Shop and I purchased that Home Hitachi Tool because of the lightweight (3.3 lbs), well balanced, ergonomic, fatigue reducing design with little vibration. Although most of my tools were pneumatic and heavy there are many tight places that those tools would not fit.

The flexibility of this Hitachi Cordless 14.4-volt Driver Drill Kit with Flashlight made that chore easy. The 3/8″ key-less chuck is also very handy for quick changing of the bits, making less unnecessary ups and downs for bits to do the job more efficiently. Another great feature is the 22-position clutch you can set for exactly the correct screw depth to be sure you won’t damage the part or wood product.

The Hitachi Cordless 14.4-volt Driver Drill Kit with Flashlight has a class-leading 230 in/lbs torque.

Its’ two-speed transmission has an easy to use one-touch speed knob for tougher jobs that require more torque from 0-350 or 0-1050 rpm. The Batteries seem to last along time, of course the harder the job the sooner it runs down but I’m quite please with the amount of work I can get done before I have to change out the battery.

The Flashlight that comes with this kit proved also to be a great addition to my tool chest. It has several positions the light can be set to make the angle of light just right.

This Home Hitachi Tool kit comes with 2-1.4 Ah Batteries and Quick Charger, 1-Driver Bit, 7-pc Bit set and Carrying Case.

I highly recommend this Home Hitachi Tool for home or business.

Leroy Leff is a good resource to ask about the Hitachi 14.4 Volt Cordless Drill Kit.

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DIY: Laptop running on a cordless drill Battery

9 A five-year old laptop made “portable” again…. You surely know that Li-Ion batteries won’t hold their charge after two or three years. Why pay 90 EUR for a new battery pack? Just a quick voltmeter setup, a cordless drill battery and we’re off. Just make sure that the battery voltage is over 12V, or else the laptop may behave irrationally. (NOTE The battery used here is a Ni-Cd type, rated 14V 1.2Ah; however the capacity of 1.2 Ah is NOT enough for this setup. You need at least 3-4Ah to do something useful – my battery did last just 30 minutes, the voltage then dropped to 10V and the laptop froze due to undervoltage.)
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Fixing NiCd Drill Battery’s For Free


A quick and easy way to revive battery’s,will not work on lithium, im not responsible for anything you do,any questions ask,comment if you want

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