How to Reset My notebook Battery to Erase Its Memory

A notebook battery having a memory space is a single that is operating at reduced capacity. A battery develops a memory space when it’s consistently charged prior to all of its demand is employed up. It’s a great notion to expend a battery’s demand nearly totally prior to plugging it back again in to avoid building a memory space initially. To reset it, you’ll have to maintain wanting to draw energy in the battery till it’s totally away from charge.

Save all of your function and restart your computer.

Unplug your laptop computer to make certain that it’s operating on battery power.

Leave the personal computer on till the battery loses all its charge.

Turn the personal computer back again on.

carry on to hold out this till the personal computer no lengthier turns on, then demand the battery to full. Don’t make utilization of the laptop computer and demand at precisely the same time; maintain the laptop computer away although you demand the battery.

Repeat this procedure till your battery(such as HP dv6000 battery) no lengthier has any memory; it frequently requires 3 to 6 times. You’ll know you’ve cleared the battery of its memory space whenever you demand it completely and see an improve inside the time it powers your laptop. Just hover your mouse button more than the battery icon inside your working method to determine how a good deal time your recent demand provides you, then examine it towards complete time it gave you prior to erasing its memory.

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