Mac Pro Battery, Superdrive, Wireless Extender, Dell Laptop
Laptop Battery

Image by tzmartin
Hawking Range Extender. Mac battery fits pre-unibody (2008), has about 30% charge let. Superdive is brand new from 2011 Mac Pro (never used). Dell laptop w/ external CD drive.

NEC PC 8201A
Laptop Battery

Image by langleyo
Spring cleaning today, stumbled upon this old "laptop pc". Wonder if I can use this for anything useful. I feel a hack coming on. Anyone still own one?

I got this talking with my computer via serial cable, and wrote a few basic programs with it. Somewhere I still have an unofficial manual for this baby.

Year: 1983
Processor: Intel 80C85 – 2.4 576 MHz
OS: Microsoft BASIC 1.0
Memory: 32 KB and up to 64 KB
Power: 4xAA batteries, up to 20+ hours operating time!!! (really?)

Laptop Battery

Image by Fintan
Back to where I started.

Just after this shot, my un-rechargable battery went out. Lucky, eh?

I knew I wanted this to be my last shot, but I wasn’t sure how to do it.

I’ve never done a top-down shot before, and it was a bit tricky, but I think I got it perfect with the tripod.

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