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Tips For Extending Laptop Battery Life


Tips For Extending Laptop Battery Life

One of the most discussed aspects of owning a laptop and mobile computing, is how to get more operating time from the laptop battery.  Everyone needs more time from the battery when they are traveling, or not able to have the laptop plugged into the AC outlet. It seems we always need more time then we get from the battery, and it never fails that we are near the end of a critical task when the screen goes dim.

The first consideration when buying a new laptop, refurbished laptop, or a new replacement  battery is to study the manual and the recommendation that the manufacturer has for initially charging and discharging the battery.  The conditioning of the battery is important to its ultimate life and also allows the laptop to calibrate its charging status indicators with the battery. The process will vary depending on the battery technology and it is important that it be followed. The following are tips to follow to get more life and operating time from your battery.

Reduce LCD Display Brightness

Operate the display at the lowest brightness level that is comfortable for your eyes.  The brightness of the LCD screen is one of the main components consuming significant power from the battery.  Most laptop and software combination’s have control over the display brightness, and this will have more effect on battery time than any other factor. When operating from the AC brightness can be set at any level you want.

Minimize Optical Drive Use

An optical disk drive spinning with a CD or DVD inside consumes power even if you are not using the drive for programs. When not using the drive remove the media and you will save power.

Turn Off Optional Devices

Using WI FI is a drain on the battery.  If you are not using WI FI turn it off and there will be less power consumption since WI FI circuitry even in seek mode consumes power.  Remove any unused USB devices.  The USB memory stick inserted but not being used is consuming a small amount of power, but when combined with other unused devices increases power consumption.

Select Conservative Power Options

Go to the power options section of your software control panel and select the most conservative or power reducing option available.  Select the “Hibernate” option rather than “standby” since hibernate actually shuts the laptop down and saves operating settings.

Increase the Amount of RAM

Increasing the amount of system RAM will reduce the number of hard drive accesses because more of the information is stored in memory instead of the hard drive. The reduction in disk activity decreases the power consumed.  In addition to the power savings, increasing RAM is  the single most significant step other than a CPU upgrade, that you can take to improve speed and performance of your laptop.

Take Care of the Battery

If you take care of the battery it will provide longer more reliable service.  Remove the battery periodically and using a pencil eraser clean the contacts, and using a cloth or cotton swab moistened with rubbing alcohol clean the battery contacts. Don’t leave the battery in the direct sunlight or store it where it will be subject to high temperatures.  Heat is the enemy of electronic components, and that includes your laptop battery. Depending on the type of battery your laptop uses you should charge and discharge the battery every two weeks.  Check the operating manual to be sure of this procedure.  You should not completely discharge a LI-ION technology battery since it doesn’t have the same “memory” effect as non LI-ION type batteries. Most new laptops use LI-ION batteries but check your manual to be sure of the correct care of the battery after periods of non use.

Following the simple steps outlined will go a long way towards getting more operating time from your laptop battery without hampering your laptop use. More tips on laptop computer operation can be found at Finest Laptops.

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Extending Your Laptop Battery Life to Save money,save time


Extending Your Laptop Battery Life to Save money,save time

Do you’re love moving? if you like it, your laptop battery will have to depend on the power. To make sure that your laptop battery life will extend for some years, you have to take good care of it.

    Whenever you use different programs for your laptop, you’ll also be using up a lot of RAM, which ultimately needs a lot more power to work faster, thus producing more heat, and thus having to use up more power to counter that heat. Don’t get caught up in the never-ending cycle.

The best way in extending your laptop battery life is to make sure that your laptop doesn’t overheat. Don’t put use your laptop on a cushion or pillow as this will stop the airflow that keeps your laptop cool. Instead, use a wooden or glass table, which cools part of the air completely. For extra insurance, you can put a book underneath your laptop to make sure that the fan will work and that the air can effectively cool down the area.

Putting your laptop into hibernate mode may be a slower boot than simply putting it on standby, but this will also save your battery. Putting your computer on hibernate mode saves your desktop on the last time you use it, but it also shuts down your computer so your battery won’t take up much power.

Extending your laptop battery life requires that you take good care of your batteries so it won’t get worn off quickly. Make sure that you drain your batteries once a month, and use it at least once a week until it drains.

 If you have another laptop battery, keep it charged but store it for only one or two days before using it as the other one charges. Don’t keep your laptop plugged and charging when the battery is already full. Doing all these will not only be extending your laptop battery life, but will also make sure that you won’t be spending us much trying to get your computer fixed, or buying new laptop batteries

What to Know Before Buying a dell laptop battery?

 There are many replacement laptop battery manufacturers, and even more retailers to buy your laptop battery from. However, your biggest concern in purchasing a laptop battery will be to choose the battery that fits your computer. For this you will need to know the make and model number of your laptop; if you don’t know this offhand or don’t have the necessary paperwork, check the inside of your laptop’s battery compartment while the computer is off and unplugged. There you should find the model number, along with some other information. You may also find the part number of your laptop battery, located on the casing of the battery itself.  

How to Choose a dell replacement laptop battery?

When buying a replacement laptop battery, you will probably only have one or two choices that fit your computer. Choose the battery with the longest life available for your computer. There are several different kinds of laptop batteries; because the technologies of each are very different, a laptop must be designed specifically for the type of battery it uses. Most laptops are only designed to use one type of battery technology.

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