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Extra Extended Expressions – killed by 9v batteries


stop trick music video by andi winter & friends…
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Can You Upgrade to some extra effective notebook Battery?


Can You Upgrade to some extra effective notebook Battery?

The typical notebook operator must use his appliance unplugged over a typical basis. applications are getting progressively source heavy and as a result drain laptop battery lifestyle faster. Upgrading a laptop’s battery is largely a topic of availability. If there is no enhanced and compatible battery produced for the laptop’s model, you’re away from luck.

Number of Cells
Nine-cell batteries are bulkier than six-cell batteries, but certainly possess a greater cost potential. an individual searching to upgrade his battery really should recognize the amount of tissues the latest battery has. one of the most typical setups use four- and six-cell batteries. customer notebook batteries can have as a great deal as 16 cells.

Battery Composition
All lately produced batteries are composed of lithium ion cells.

The outdated normal was nickel, but any upgrade from this type of a battery is spending inside a new system. Therefore, it is extra vital to appear in the amount of tissues and milliamp-hour (mAH) rating.

Milliamp-hour (mAH) Rating
A notebook battery having a greater mAH rating denotes 1 having a bigger vitality storage space capacity. Aftermarket and non-original producer batteries generally supply compatible batteries which have greater mAH ratings than authentic batteries.

Buying an Upgrade/Replacement
one of the most inexpensive route in discovering an upgrade is via a non-original producer merchant. Non OEM batteries are comparable in superior to OEM batteries. They are also simpler to purchase and much less expensive. They normally are available with 1 -ear producer guarantees.

Installing a manufacturer new Battery(such as dv6700 battery)
Installing a substitution battery is as basic as removing the outdated 1 and inserting the new. However, new batteries have particular methods to follow. See the reference “Laptop Battery Tips” below.

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Extra Batteries


Extra Batteries
Laptop Battery

Image by Ben+Sam
The tech crew at school dropped of some extra batteries for the laptops. I had recommened they weren’t necessary if people plugged in the laptops between each class & over lunch. Oh well…

Laptop’s Battery
Laptop Battery

Image by ???
Spiral Spiders signed the battery of my laptop at ACen ’07. lol When I gave it to them to sign, they had this wtf expression and asked me what it was. (I had to take it out of my laptop of course.)

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Ebuyer Extra Value Laptop Review Part 2 of 2


heres a quick review of the ebuyer extra value laptop found here for £300 also here is the link to the drivers laptop specs : Processor Intel Celeron Dual Core Processor T3000 1.8Ghz, 1MB Cache Memory 4GB DDR2 Expandable to 4GB Max Memory Slot: 2 x SO DIMM Hard Drive 250GB SATA II Hard Drive Optical Drive Super multi DVDRW Software No Operating System Installed Pre configured to install Microsoft Windows Vista, To install Microsoft Windows XP you need to go into the bios and change the “Installed OS” to “WinXP” Display 15.4 TFT Graphics SiS M672 integrated Share memory architecture, up to 256MB High perference 3D/2D graphy accelerator Microsoft DirectX 9.0 compatible Support Vertex Shader 2.0 and Pixel Shader 2.0 Audio Integrated Speakers Input Devices Keyboard and Touchpad Networking Wireless Lan 802.11b/g Network Interface: 10/100 LAN Power Supply 6 Cell Battery Dimensions Depth 268mm Width 359mm Height 37mm Weight 2.5kg Interfaces 3x USB 2.0 ports 1 x VGA port 1 x Headphone port 1 x Microphone port 1 x S/PDIF output port 1 x RJ-11 port 1 x RJ45 LAN port 1 x DC-in jack Expansion 7 in 1 Card Reader Warranty/Miscellaneous 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty 1.3MP Webcam (FN + F10 to enable)

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