Extremely Sharp laser pointer!

If you want to make your presentation or stage performance effective then laser pointer is the best tool for you. Its powerful and bright beam can target your object very well. Sometimes it becomes necessary to point out something strongly during lectures and business meetings to grab everyone’s attention, in this situation this laser pointer can do a lot for you. The product in this range of laser pointer is BGP0036 laser pointer. It can emit both green and red beam that makes it more useful and handy product.


This laser pointer is made by very economic technology that makes it more power saving and very dependable product. It is very useful for pointing objects from long distances because its powerful beam can be seen from faraway places. It is very easy to use it, just push the button to get the laser light and release the button to switch it off.

There are two buttons on the body of this laser pointer, the red button for red laser and the green button for green laser.


This laser pointer is made up of copper material that makes it durable for long term use and designed in a pen shape that makes it easy to carry anywhere. It gets power from two LR1 batteries that keep it working for the long time. The wave length of this laser pointer for red laser is 650nm and for green laser is 532nm. The red beam covers up to 900 meters and the green beam covers up to 1700 meters area that gives an advantage to you.


The voltage for operating it is 3 volt and temperature is ranges from 0 to 40 degree Celsius. The dimension of this laser pointer is as follows height 154 mm and diameter 16mm.


The next product under the category of laser pointer is AL-G006 laser gun.

It is made up of high quality aluminum that makes it a strong and long lasting product. The wave length of this laser pointer is 532nm. Lithium CR132A battery is used in it to give high power to this pointer and it can be used up to 4 hours of long time. It covers one mile area at night that is a very long distance and can be very helpful at hill area and in emergency situations.


The adjustment of elevation and wind age comprises as 3 feet at 10 yards and 30 feet at 100 yards. The length and diameter of this laser pointer are 112 mm and 31 mm respectively. This is a product that would surely improve your working style. 

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