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Famicom Dojo: Famicom and Disk System


See more at FamicomDojo.TV: Season 1, Episode 1 For our first episode, we review the Nintendo’s first gaming console, as well as the Famicom Disk System attachment that was never released outside of Japan. Released two years earlier than the NES, this system served as the basis for Nintendo’s rise to power — even if it was heavily redesigned when it was brought to North America and the rest of the world. Famicom Dojo is an Internet Television show co-produced for Powet.TV and by That’s Orange, LLC. If your game is weak, train it with us at FamicomDojo.TV! Weekly Podcast: Follow:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Famicom Dojo: The Battery Backup


See more at FamicomDojo.TV: Season 1, Episode 2 In episode two, we take a look at how the Famicom Disk System revolutionized console gaming (despite never being released outside of Japan), and the subsequent advent batteries of the battery backup cartridge. As a result, games like Metroid required a password “save” system when it came to the US because battery backup cartridges were not yet cost-effective enough. The Zelda games had a battery backup save that imitated the functions of the disk system, but neither game was capable of the expanded sound that the Famicom Disk System allowed, and so had to have its music and sound effects reprogrammed. There’s much more. Read our show notes to find out! Weekly Podcast: Follow:

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