Laptop Battery

Image by davew27
I got the screw out, removed a loose spring, made the power switch stop sticking, and put in a 40gb hdd. But I can’t check if it all works yet, because the battery is flat, and the charger isn’t here yet.

Exploded Bag
Laptop Battery

Image by VeldaZ
My laptop bag and all that goes in it. Hover over the image for notes galore.

Yes, it all fits in there. Actually there are a few things not pictured like my GPS which was in the car and my pack of charged batteries.

also check out my Exploded Pants and Exploded Cary On.

Winchcombe, GPS mapped
Laptop Battery

Image by [Beta]
Following an hour-odd drive around Winchcombe with Neal and Matt (with GPS, laptop, and merriment), we produced this result.

NB: this is from the tracklog on the GPS, not from the raw data off the laptop, i’m waiting for that data :-)

NNB: Cheltenham Rd. and Corndean Lane were collected just by myself, it adds to the map imho.

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