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Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook Notebook Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

25 Available in a variety of specs, this is a much more value-oriented ultrabook compared to competitors from the likes of Apple, ASUS, and Samsung.

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Razer Orochi Unboxing – The World’s First Gaming Notebook Mouse


This shows you everything you get inside the box when you open your Razer Orochi and Razer Kabuto. The Razer Orochi brings mobile gaming mouse standards to new heights with its small form factor and bleeding-edge technology. Equipped with a gaming-grade laser sensor and dual mode wired/wireless functionality, the Razer Orochi uses Bluetooth technology to address your need for portability and ease of use with a wired mode option for gaming grade performance. Gaming on the go is now possible Special thanks to our friends over at Sonance Lab for the recording/mix/and music. (

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MSI GT780R 17″ Gaming Laptop First Look & Review- Part 1


Build Yours at (latest model GT780DX with nVidia GTX570M) The MSI GT780R just came in! We were excited to open the box and try out the unit. This is one of the few laptops we have seen that has a matte screen in a long time and we were happy to see the Dynaudio and dual exhaust features be carried over from the MSI GT683R as they were both features we really liked on the 15″ version of this laptop. The Geforce GTX560M is a very capable gpu and the Intel Core i7 2630QM is a extremely strong mobile processor. Top it off with 1TB of HDD and 16GB of RAM and you really have a fully loaded package here for a good price. The illuminated keyboard gives you an extra layer of customization and personalization and a good alternative to more expensive Alienware laptops if you really wanted that color led lit keyboard. Infact the Steelseries keyboard is better than that you can find on Alienware so this is a step forward. Well just check out the video for all the other information you may want, remember you can find more videos posted to the product page @ and if you have more questions post here on our video or go visit our forums.

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First Look: Lenovo ThinkPad X220 laptop


ThinkPad X Series brings you a new version of the world’s best-selling ultraportable laptop. Despite its thin profile, the X220 has full-power Intel processors (up to 2nd-generation Core i7) that perform roughly 60 percent faster than competitors running low-voltage CPUs. You also get 9 to 14 hours of battery life with a standard or high-capacity battery and as much as 23 hours using our external battery pack.

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PC Format – World’s first eye-controlled laptop


Tobii Technology has put together a conceptual prototype laptop with integrated eye control in partnership with Lenovo. Using your eyes to control a PC certainly sounds intriguing, just glance at an icon or gadget to activate it. You can zoom pictures or maps and automatically centre on the area you are looking at. The screen can auto-dim and brighten when it recognises your eyes to increase battery time. There are all sorts of possibilities. One of the possibilities being PC gaming. You can see an Earth defence game being played in the video, where Eskilsson is targeting and blowing missiles headed for the planet with his eyes.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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My first solar powered laptop.


This is my first attempt at a solar powered laptop. I am using the R-21 solar panel from PowerFilm, two PS-612 lead acid batteries by Power Sonic and one laptop car charger. This was just tossed together for something to play with. I will try to post more vids when I have time and the sunshine to make them. Thus far, I would highly recommend the R-28 Panel or larger as it has more amps and would work better in less than ideal conditions, as I have found the R-21 to be just enough in bright sunlight.

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First Look Reviews: Toshiba NB200 Netbook


Megawhat were at the launch of the new Toshiba NB200, or the UX as it’s known in Japan. An update to their Netbook line up with a full size keyboard, long battery life, Intel Atom processor and a very up market finish Toshiba have kicked it up a notch.

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11.6″ Acer Aspire One 751 with 6-Cell Battery First Impressions


First impressions of my 6-cell battery 11.6″ Acer Aspire One 751 mini-notebook. Impressed with it’s size and weight compared to a 10-inch netbook. Will the Atom Z520 processor be fast enough for daily use?
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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