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Asus 1225B review – 11.6 inch Asus EEE PC Flare 1225B wth AMD e450 reviewed


The written review: Follow me on Twitter: or Subscribe on Facebook: . Hi guys, we are taking a detailed look at the Asus 1225B, part of the new line of Asus EEE PCs called Flare and launched in 2012. IN our in depth video review of the Asus EEE PC 1225B we’re talking about anything that’s important to know, from casing and build quality, to keyboard/trackpad, to screen (11.6 inch HD display), hardware (AMD E450, 4 GB of RAM, 750 GB HDD on our test unit) and performances. And of course there are also details on battery life and prices. For more details, see the written review on
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Asus 1225C EEE PC unboxing – Atom powered EEE PC Flare mini laptop


An unboxing and quick preview of the Asus EEE PC 1225C, an 11.6 inch mini laptop, part of the new 2012 Asus EEE PC Flare line. Follow me on Twitter: or Subscribe on Facebook: . This is powered by the latest Intel Atom Cedar Trail platform and will come with a good price, being more affordable than the Asus 1225B, while also cheaper and while offering better battery life. More on .

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