I secretly love it when people give me flowers.
Computer Battery

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These came unexpectedly, from our Dean of Students, because apparently (a) it’s spring, and (b) I saved her computer.

By getting it a new battery.

*feels appreciated*

Mischievous Technology
Computer Battery

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After having had my computer go wonky on me for the fourth time in 24 hours — essentially unusable because the left-click would suddenly stop working (neither mouse nor trackpad would activate a left click, though right click, scrolling, cursor and keystrokes were ALL still fine!), I took the extreme measure of moving to reinstall the OS on another hard drive. (Granted, it’s been a pending necessity for some time now, what with a full hard drive, and Mountain Leopard pending …)

However, would you believe that at the VERY END of the OS X Lion installation set-up, you are faced with the requirement of showing you can handle the fancy new reversed scrolling feature in Lion (by doing the trackpad scrolling gesture), … and then you have to do a left-click on the "Start Using OS X Lion" button. You have NO choice. That is the ONLY possible option. No keyboard command. No gesture. No spacebar or Return to continue. No option but a simple left click. The one, single simple input that just happens to have been a recent issue on my computer. And guess what, despite a clean install of the operating system, it’s still not working. I have no other way to move orward. No other choices. I know, because Apple Tech Support and I tried to troubleshoot this on for over half an hour. And we came up with nothing. Nothing other than a "we know this won’t solve the problem, but we COULD do a Force Quit."

So as I sat waiting for someone else at Apple to pick up the case escalation hotline, I tried thinking up some other options.

• No, I couldn’t try accessing the Mac OS via a remote desktop app from another computer or the iPad — I was working with a clean installation, with no remote access permissions.
• Maybe I could try controlling the computer with the Magic Mouse?. But no go there — it had no batteries.
• Hmmm. Maybe that fancy Bluetooth trackpad?

And just as that though crossed my mind, I heard a mischievous chuckling coming from under some paper clutter off to the side of my desk. Paper clutter that supported a power adapter, and now also a box of computer tools from my hard drive installation.

What was the source of the chuckling? What was hiding under the papers?

Mustering my courage, I reached out and lifted the papers’ edge…

2012/366 – Day 164

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