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“Thick to Omo good hero, Zhuang Qi GAO Guan Ho-yo.”

— Both Qu Ming “Song of the South China Sea shrines of ancient Kapok”

Kapok tree species are strongly positive, always above the canopy of trees around the vicinity in order to fight the sun and rain, kapok this enthusiastic spirit and bright as fire in the large flowers, often likened to a strong woman.

That Jiangsu Women , I can not help but think of the hero of kapok, outdone themselves, alone hold up half the sky of their own space. As a recent survey conducted by journalists found in shopping malls, Jiangsu Women to perfect Textile Relying on the industry chain to the Nanjing Women are rapidly emerging as the representative. Fashion design, stable personality style, their market performance soared. Present in all major department stores in Jiangsu, Jiangsu Women brand Sell Rank retaining its position as the forefront.

China Jiangsu Women clothing has gradually become a force.

Climbing the Echinopsis This is of Jiangsu Women

first choice, self-awareness is not strong, keep looking forward to rely on, when nothing can no longer climbing, leaving only one place lazy messy.

From the time of speaking, an early start in Jiangsu Women, 80 years from the last century, emerging from a group on a range of influential women’s brands. Women’s brands such as Nanjing, Robinson School, Supergrass, Sheng Shijia people, new pine, according to Shafei Er, great treasure, influence fashion, Thai Chi, kale, too rich, Wing Ping, Tao Yumei, Sheng Diao, Haiermansi, Days Villa, St can be Ni, cherry blossom season, and so pose Teng, Wuxi has called the “four big families” of the dream Yan, single-plank bridge, Kay and the Royal family, Suzhou is a large warehouse and other brands.

But despite an early start, and have a good industrial base, but the overall development of the offensive, always a kind of “do not” feeling. Style does not form a significant, did not scream loud.

2002, the newspaper made a through investigation and study, entitled “Nanjing real estate clothing brand” grow up “? “The report, from the inside and outside the two aspects, Women in Nanjing (Nanjing, mostly real estate brand clothing brand) why the slow start as early as the reasons for lack of development. Speaking from the internal, then the Nanjing Women’s lack of design, brand awareness is weak, a single business idea. Part of the brand complacent, “also” and remain at the level of small workshops; another part of the brand increased capacity, turning processing; minority insists on being branded by the slow development of a variety of factors, he sacrifice the long corner. Not on the scale, the lack of advantages, not or dare not to make long-term planning, women’s brand was a common problem in Nanjing. Reflected in the market, the performance of the Nanjing Women seem many styles, colors, fabrics have a lot of kind, is not the overall style. Management also stuck in “selling clothes” stage, willing to wholesale, or copied version of another type, in the hope of a paragraph or by a single product through a season, a content with too wanted stability and the complex has always been around Women around the brand in Nanjing. From the external terms, relative to the Hangzhou People’s Government issued the “Women on the industry to speed up the development of a number of comments” document, published a series of supportive measures and incentives, Nanjing municipal government to private enterprises as the mainstay for the clothing industry , no special support policy. Women’s Development in Nanjing basic through self-accumulation, credit difficulties are common problems facing enterprise development. There is also a lack of design and creative atmosphere, sense of team development is not enough and so on.

Terminal development in Jiangsu Women’s market is basically to go shopping wholesale retail and professional market, the two routes, from the mall side, Jiangsu, local shopping home on the property can be said to love and hate clothes. Festivals, Chinese New Year season to do sales, shopping malls mainly in real estate mainly clothing, clothing during the peak season for real estate supply fast, break codes, interrupted time when replenishment, prices moderate. Women with the brand of Jiangsu, a lot of shopping centers profit, Jiangsu Brand Market thus has been a special favor. Along with raising the level of consumer spending, shopping malls introduce more foreign brands and foreign brands, the brand of Jiangsu Women have the feeling of being abandoned. The shopping centers on the general view is of Jiangsu Brand “seminar market, product development is not enough, there is a willing business owners and operators of the phenomenon, learning less Management Means and methods of marketing backward homogeneous competition severe. “

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