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“Free” Energy – The Infinite Battery


To discuss this topic in more detail with the ability to post links etc please visit the AlienScientist Discussion forums: Layered photonic band-gap materials to filter and seprate raw light. using plasmon switches for high energy photons (photovoltaic) and use quasicrystalline black body semiconductors to absorb low energy light and convert to heat . A photonic band-gap material will separate photons of certain frequency out of incoming light, so when organized in layers of diverging band-gap thickness (crystal structure) you can essentially create an Axial Dimensional Black Body! These are made by a process of layering band gap materials made of precision packed nanospheres of increasing sizes: Crystal Diode Batteries: Quasicrystals as photonic band gap materials: 100 year old PROOF OF CONCEPT: Here’s a patent on one such battery you should check out: Another similar invention to the Infinite Battery From Tom Bearden’s Website: A very cool link:

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Another way to revive your laptop battery + Get your free macbook

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iCade, 32-Hour Laptop Battery, Amazon Prime Gets Free Video Streaming, iPad 2 Announcement on …


Video of the iCade gaming cabinet, HP’s laptop with a 32-hour battery life, Amazon gives their Prime members access to free streaming videos, and it looks like the iPad 2 will be announced March 2.
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CRAZY trick on how to get a FREE Dell Adamo Laptop worth $1500!!

0 Tired of seeing one professed Apple MacBook Air killer after another—the Lenovo Thinkpad X301, Voodoo Envy 133, and Sony VAIO VGN-Z590, to name a few—Dell decided to offer its own take on what a luxury brand should look like. The Dell Adamo (derived from the Latin word that means “to fall in love with”), is elegant in its thin profile and luxuriously intoxicating to look at. Despite its good looks, the Adamo is not going to “kill” anything, though it isn’t without merit. The glass screen, excellent typing experience, and extensive wireless options are all pluses. And the reason for its seemingly expensive price is the standard 128GB solid state drive (SSD). Once prices come down for SSDs, we’ll soon see the Adamo’s price drop, especially given Dell’s reputation for slashing prices. The Adamo’s real Achilles’ heel is the lackluster performance of its parts and its battery life. Aside from these issues, the design lives up to its name.
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Fixing NiCd Drill Battery’s For Free


A quick and easy way to revive battery’s,will not work on lithium, im not responsible for anything you do,any questions ask,comment if you want

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