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Friday Harbor Nocturne


Friday Harbor Nocturne
Notebook Batteries

Image by A.Davey
Shipboard lights ward off the early darkness of autumn.

This is our home when we’re cruising, and it’s our only residence when we’re at our home marina near Portland, Oregon.

In this photo, the boat’s galley is showcased. On the exterior, you can see our gas grill, where we do most of our cooking, and the steps to the boat deck, where we store our shrimp and crab traps, our dinghy, and our open-ocean liferaft.

At the very top left you can see into one of the rear windows of the pilot house. Strictly speaking, this space contains the boat’s instruments and controls. As a practical matter, it’s a den, since is has our notebook computers, a comfy sofa (settee in boatspeak) and a comfier bunk above the settee.

This is a 46-foot Nordhavn, built for long, slow, passages across great distances of open ocean. The 140-hp engine is marvelously fuel efficient and reliable. When we’re at anchor or at a marina without power, we run most systems off our batteries. However, under those circumstances, we have a small generator that we run twice a day to recharge the batteries. When it’s running, we have enough juice to operate the coffee maker, the waffle iron and other essential appliances.

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Black Friday 2011 Unboxing of my 17.5 inch HP Pavilion g7-1219wm Laptop (Part 1)


I got this laptop from Walmart for 388 Thursday night, it would normally cost like 500 something. I waited in line for it for around 30 minutes, but it’s worth the wait. This my first laptop! Now with the laptop, it runs Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit), it comes with a good processor, it has a AMD Radeon graphics card inside. It comes with a 500 GB hard drive, 4.5 hours of battery life, I tried the webcam and it seems okay. My Review: I like the laptop but it plays games like Minecraft lags a lot than my older games, the webcam is kind of blurry when there is light nearby me and the hard drive holds a lot of stuff and it would be great for video making if I using Fraps to make videos on it. I like the keybord but in some laptops like this one, I know it comes with a keypad and it a good standard! I like the touchpad and I like the anti-touchpad feature when I press the button two times in that case if I using a mouse for my laptop.

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What was in my bag heading home on Friday


What was in my bag heading home on Friday
Laptop Battery

Image by plindberg
Plus my Nikon CoolPix 3100.

Apple laptop hardware is officially dead to me
Laptop Battery

Image by Coneee
This is my third MacBook wrist rest replacement. This is a picture, where you can see faint wrist rest stains after two hours of light use today. I just got my MacBook back from the repair shop.

The broken Bluetooth is fixed, and I have my new AC Adapter and Battery after the previous ones broke, but the wrist rest stains are back. Why can’t Apple fix this fucking problem? I don’t want to send in my machine every couple of weeks to get a new bit of plastic! (On the very small plus side, I get a nice new trackpad and keyboard every time they replace the wrist rests).

Please, go and vote for defective Apple MacBooks as the worst gadget of 2006 over at Engadget.…

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