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HP Probook 4530s – (English Full HD review)


Video review of HP battery Probook 4530s presented by
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Tesla Roadster Signature 250 (100% Full Electric Sportscar) [Autogespot - Carspotting]


AutoGespot – Carspotting: Tesla Roadster Signature 250 (100% Full Electric Sportscar) On the 3rd of July i got the possibility to accompany a Tesla Roadster Signature 250 (a 100% full electric sportscar) which was driven by a friend of mine who borrowed it from a friend of his. This specific Tesla is a Signature 250 model, and is carnumber 140 of 250 limited. It does about 3.9 seconds to 100 KPH (60 MPH) and has a range of about 250-300km. The acceleration is bizarre when you sit in it. The grip this car has is fenominal, when it sprints it uses about 200KW(!!) of power from its 7000 Lithium-Ion (laptop) batteries it has. It can be charges through a normal plug at home (demonstrated in this video), or through a special speed charger. For more info see:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Full Solution laptop battery

Laptop Battery
by cote

Full Solution laptop battery

Battery interface:
The battery contacts with the host site for 6-8 months common metal interface, on top should be marked, for example – TTI I + +, which are above current transmission interface, as well as power control line interface.
Enclosure to maintain the shape and the internal components and notebook battery can be closely integrated, the interface is responsible for connecting the battery and the host, the general engineering plastics, is usually carried out using ultrasonic welding.
Laptop battery type and direction of development
With notebook computers and handheld electronics, the rapid development of technology and market, the majority of users “more stable”, “use longer,” “smaller” or even “number of charge cycles more” and so presented a higher requirements, and the battery technology to market demand, has made a lot of improvement and development accordingly. Now the notebook computer batteries are designed to move the direction of Smart Battery, which is within the Uniwill 258-4s4400-s1p1 battery energy management circuit that can monitor the battery energy management circuit usage and to communicate with the host, allowing the performance of the battery into full play so as to enhance battery life. Lithium-ion batteries because of its more than ordinary Ni-Cd / Ni-MH battery has a small size (relative), light weight, low self-discharge rate, no memory effect of the benefits of, and thus have a number of laptop manufacturers like, now commonly used in laptop battery battery. Although the appearance of laptop battery is now vastly different, each brand, and even a different type of batteries can not be universal, but the internal structure of the battery are the same.
Nickel-cadmium batteries (Ni-Cd): It is used in laptop batteries in the veteran, but because it has a serious memory effect as well as the anode material used in nickel (Ni) on the environment will be toxic and cause pollution, so it is quickly was despise laptop, and replaced by a more superior nickel-metal hydride batteries.
Nickel-metal hydride batteries (Ni-MH): nickel-cadmium batteries with the same structural principle, but will be replaced by the cathode performance better, more environmentally friendly non-toxic nickel – metal hydride materials. Although only a small change, but it has brought a dramatic increase in performance. It also has an unmatched to make the advantages of nickel-cadmium battery is memory effect was not obvious, so that so that we no longer have the memory effect for that nasty trouble and become more user-friendly. Although the performance of nickel-metal hydride batteries are very good, but with technological advances, it is lighter in weight and a higher energy density lithium batteries replaced, become the laptop battery in the history of deadwood.
Li-ion battery: Many people think that said lithium battery means that we are now commonly used in lithium-polymer battery, in fact, lithium batteries, including lithium metal-ion battery (Li-MO2) and lithium-polymer battery (Li-ion) are two. Because Li-MO2 cells to enter the market in 1989, caught fire when the explosion occurred while the die, so it will soon disappear from people’s sight, replaced by a safer lithium-polymer battery. It is light weight, in the same capacity under its nickel-metal hydride battery weighs only about 1 / 2, so it is fast becoming the new darling of mobile portable devices have been used in most notebook computers, is now the backbone of notebook batteries.
Fuel Cell (Fuel Cell): Fuel cells are the future of laptop batteries star, it has many types, including proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEM), alkaline fuel cell (AFC) and solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) and many other However, due to the fuel cell start-up time and operating temperature and other reasons in fact suitable for notebook computer use only the fuel cell proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEM). PEM fuel cells using methanol fuel, from the positive and negative electrodes composed of the principle of its power generation is the result of the methanol, after re-enter the negative hydrogen and oxygen enter the cathode, through the catalyst, hydrogen atoms into protons and electrons, by different paths into the cathode, e-cycle to produce electricity through an internal, proton through the electrolyte to achieve positive, combined with oxygen to produce water and electrical and heat. The experts agreed that restricting the commercial application of fuel cells, the biggest factor is the fuel cell to use the metal platinum (Pt) or platinum as catalyst to make the cost of production has been high, the current production cost of the fuel cell 500 ~ 1000 USD / kW. Research shows that only when the fuel cell production costs fell to 50 U.S. dollars / kilowatt level can be truly accepted by consumers. The high cost of fuel cells is mainly due to mass production has not been formed, once entered mass production stage, the price of fuel cells will certainly be greatly reduced. October 2003 NEC launched its latest notebook with the development of fuel cells, allegedly, when the concentration of fuel use 10% of the 300 cubic centimeters of methanol, the laptop computer can use 5 hours. NEC proposed in 2005, will launch a notebook computer allows continuous use 40 hours of fuel cell products. For now, the fuel cell size, performance and cost is not much advantage, but the fuel cell as a back-up power supply or a laptop a good choice. Think about when the notebook can be used continuously 40 hours, it is a kind of what it feels like. Little pollution, and fuel cells can be used repeatedly.

Plug inserted in the above conduct charge do not have any significance. We can see on the status of the battery if the Uniwill un255 battery is charging, there is a simple way to determine whether the battery state of charge, the battery charging time will be distributed at a certain degree of heat, when the battery is full after one hour (battery charger Power plug temporarily pull down), you go touch the battery, this time you will find that the battery is at room temperature, this is no longer at this time because the battery charge state, and of course, there will be no heat generated.
How to correctly charge
Deliberately do not require the use of the process of charge to 100%, or used completely without electricity and a way of protecting this automatic shutdown, the correct way is to use about 20% began to charge, charge about 98% can stop charging. If the machine has the power calibration procedure, then you can feel significantly reduced power consumption when the correction cycle, so that protection circuit to fully play a role. For early notebook batteries (Ni-MH Ni-MH or Ni-Cd Ni-Cd), really need to fully charge and discharge in order to maintain good battery capacity, but for the lithium battery is not necessary but may damage the battery. Said that lithium batteries no memory effect, in fact not entirely correct. Is only a very small memory effect of lithium ion only. Materials for lithium battery temperature, the use of frequency is very sensitive to the conditions and so on. When the battery will be some period of time of aging, the performance of the most intuitive to use less time. The natural wear and tear is an important reason, and inadequate maintenance is another important reason. A well-designed lithium batteries have a very good protection circuit to prevent excessive charge and discharge. Because of over-charging and discharging of the battery will be the rapid reduction activity. Because of the role of the protection circuit, the user repeated several times to fully charge and discharge, in fact, impossible to achieve had “full” level. Does not make sense to do so. Sometimes WINDOWS next show there is 20% of battery capacity, you can use 30 minutes, but was not long before, suddenly the machine automatically shut down, this is because the battery has been aging, the battery protection circuit monitors the battery can no longer be a good real capacity. Because in the normal battery depletion, the protection circuit the original parameters have been unable to properly reflect the actual situation of the battery, so in front of said power calibration procedure is to correct the benchmark protection circuit parameters to accurately reflect the actual capacity of the battery . However, this correction process will often take two or three complete charge and discharge, and as previously mentioned, will reduce the battery fully charge and discharge activity, it is not frequently used.
Using an external power supply when you need to unplug the battery
In fact, this depends on when you are using an external power supply is not need to charge the battery, and battery charging frequency is directly related to life, under normal circumstances the number of Li-ion battery charging and discharging are fixed number of charge cycles generally only about 500 ~ ~ 700 times . Each of us to the battery to recharge a battery, the corresponding, thus reducing a number of charge cycles. But now many notebook manufacturers have taken into account the vulnerability of the battery in order to increase the protection of the battery technology, does not meet certain conditions will not be charging. Even so, when you use computers a long time, when using an external power supply is recommended that you unplug the battery because the battery temperature is also a killer, one laptop computer use would produce a certain temperature, which is very harmful to the battery. Of course, if you are not sure of their own batteries, then I suggest you pull your battery down and then use an external power supply, because not all batteries have a protection circuit. Reminded: the protection circuit is also able to monitor the battery self-discharge, long-term without the battery should be charging to a certain degree of power on a regular basis to prevent self-discharge of batteries in storage in the discharge of excessive lead to excessive damage, recommend charging to about 50% of the electricity, This is why users often say the Uniwill un258 battery was not taken down on the results put out of order.
Temperature of the notebook battery
Batteries are generally sensitive to temperature, the overheated environment of self-passivation reaction to speed up the internal battery, while the cooling of the environment may damage the internal structure of the battery. Therefore, attention to the use of laptop environment.

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