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Asus G73SW Republic Of Gamers i7 Laptop


Here’s my new gigging machine. The capacity for Dual Hard Drives and a robust build were the big selling points on this machine. Dear Mac users: I appreciate your rather compulsive need to share your love of Mac with me, but I’m still not intirested in joining your Church. I bought a PC. Deal Still playing with lighting and video settings on the new HD camera so forgive my lighting and color contrasts.

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Asus G73SW Gaming Notebook Review – HotHardware

14 – Whether you need to hammer out a spreadsheet, encode a Blu-ray video, or frag some foes at a LAN party, the G73SW promises to help get the job done. By all means, this is a desktop replacement, but with the addition of Intel’s Sandy Bridge architecture, there’s potential here for battery life to be extended beyond what you would normally expect from a high octane notebook.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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