First on the scene, enjoy a GentechPC exclusive first look at the new Asus G75VW 17″ high performance gaming laptop. A constant strive forward for the G series, the G75 now includes the 3rd generation Intel Ivy Bridge CPU based on the new 22nm fabrication process (Intel Core i7 3610QM). Also new is the Nvidia GTX 660M and 670M gpu’s. With all the new hardware it still retains its classy looks and incredibly slim form factor. Despite the slim design it boasts one of the quietest and best performing cooling systems on the market. Another ace up the sleeve of the G75 is the inclusion of the new technology Thurderbolt, this port offers an incredibly high speed connection to use with a lot of new peripherals. Be sure to check out the video for more details and a step by step look at the laptop. More details on our site Phone: 1.800.990.7945 E-Mail:
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