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Gadget Review – Episode 19 – ASUS X451CA


The ASUS X451CA is an entry-level notebook without any fancy hardware specifications, but its beauty and simplicity will definitely win you over as well as i…

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JESUIT – gadget @ TTS -Ep21- APC Mobility Suite #1

13 Today’s “Connected Generation” is always online, always ready to create, always ready to communicate — until their gear runs out of power or is smashed. APC has sent ‘gadget’ a few products that we’ve dubbed the “Mobility Suite #1.” Thise gear promises to keep your gadgets charged, keep your gear running and keep you online. If you’re a “Mobile Warrior” or a college student who doesn’t want to lug around 30 pounds of adapter just to stay powered, you should take a look at this episode. You can get High-Resolution versions of this and all ‘gadget’ episodes at.. You can find more episodes in high resolution at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Christmas Shopping 1987: Computer, Video Game and Gadget Gift Guide


Vintage Christmas Films ? ? DVD ? http ? MUSIC ? ? Do you believe in Santa Claus? Click here! ? Here’s a Christmas Shopping Guide to help you find the perfect gift for the special nerd in your life, from Computer Chronicles … however, it’s almost 23 years old. So it might be a little outdated. I’m not sure. Gary Kildall shows us the Sony Picture Computer to add images to your VCR movies! Scribble some crap on the screen and color it. Superimpose your work of art and you’ll be the hottest thing on YouTube! if only YouTube existed! Only 0! Wall Street stock market crashed in October 1987 , and selling IBM and software like WordPerfect, Draw Plus, Chuck Yeager’s Flight Instruction and Test Drive Accolade are flying off the shelves! 75% of sales are games. Now we get to the hot items that you will definitely want in your stocking this year how about the Byline desktop publishing software for only 0? Or the perfect software for your 3.5″ and 5.25″ drives, the Laplink with a bunch of cables for only 0? And you just got to get “HIggins”, your perfect productivity software for your “portable” 100lb laptop the size of a sewing machine! Who the hell needs a blackberry with this thing?! Great software for only #200! Then you have the nifty Complete hand scanner from “Complete PC” to scan your Garry Larson Far Side cartoons! You can actually scan paper and it magically appears on your computer! Only 9! Now we’re
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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A Jesuit uberGeek Thanksgiving! – ‘gadget’ 130 – Gateway EC14 “The UnNetbook”

25 So… you like the size and price of a netbook, but you’re not overly thrilled by its anemic power and surprisingly short battery life. — You’re not alone… Though the netbook craze has been a collection of some great, not-so-great, and downright ugly design, there have emerged a few universally felt notions about netbooks: First, they’re good for word processing, websurfing and email… but not much else. Second, for such small computers, they’re 3-4 hours of battery life is a puzzlement. Well Gateway might have something for those who look at netbooks and say, ‘meh.’. Their new EC1400 series of notebooks has the size, weight, style and price of a netbook, but the power of a notebook. With a 11.6″ screen, 3GB of memory, dual-core CPU, 320GB hard drive and an incredible 8-hour battery life, this might be the cure for your netbook blues.
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JESUIT – ‘gadget’ Ep111 – Gateway MC7803u Executive Notebook

25 So… you want a notebook that doesn’t look like every other laptop on the market, has enough power for photo and video editing, a huge screen, battery power to burn, and an “executive style?” Well look no further… On this episode of ‘gadget’ we review the Gateway MC7803u. This beautiful piece of uberArt sports a 16″ widescreen LCD, 320GB of storage, 4GB of memory, almost 4 hours of battery life and a 2GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo CPU. You can find more episodes in high resolution at
Video Rating: 0 / 5

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JESUITS – ‘gadget’ Ep85 – Valence N-Charge

7 On this episode of ‘gadget’ we take a look at the Valence N-Charge, a universal battery replacement for your notebook and notebook replacement. What makes this product unique is that the battery technology behind the N-Charge is a special Lithium-Ion Phosphate chemistry that is much better on the environment. You can find more episodes in high resolution at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Gadget Bag – IMG_3882


Gadget Bag – IMG_3882
Laptop Battery

Image by jeroen020
After some experimentation I finally got a pretty solid collection of things to bring on the road.

Not on the picture but also brought on most trips:

- Canon Eos 400D with 28mm f/1.8 EF lens (used to take this photo)
- X60 tablet power supply or MacBook Air power supply
- Kata SLR/laptop backpack which can contain the above

The Rock n Roll Bag
Laptop Battery

Image by boboroshi
This is the Timbuk2 bag I take to shows with me. Basically anything that is not an instrument or an amp (or the laptop) goes in here. For shows with Honor by August, Juniper Lane and Rotoscope. Does not count the toys on the bass pedal board.

Incase Hardshell Case
Laptop Battery

Image by hawaii
The Incase Hardshell Case for 15" MacBook Pro. I chose the Incase over Speck because I liked the rubberized, matte surface, and the build quality seemed sturdier (but that’s purely conjecture). It snapped on easily, and a nice touch was the battery power meter button passthrough. The "clips" that secure the Incase to the laptop are more subtle than on the Speck, but I’m not a fan of how Incase embosses its own logo on the lid (whereas the Speck advertises only on the bottom piece).

My main complaint about the Incase was the right rear lower corner would catch on the MBP screen edge when I opened it up, making a teeth-gnashing snapping sound. I ended up filing down the edge a tiny bit, and now it opens without catching or rubbing. For something that costs so much and brags about how finely its engineered, though, this seems like a big flaw.

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Gadget Bag January 2006


Gadget Bag January 2006
Laptop Battery

Image by Glutnix
Here’s my gadgetbag for the start of the year

Most of what is being packed
Laptop Battery

Image by seanbonner

Quad Laptop
Laptop Battery

Image by mhaithaca
I happened to have four laptops at home this weekend, and when I set my PowerBook on top of the two that were already on the table, it occurred to me that it would be fun to add the MacBook Pro to the top of the stack and snap a picture.

From the bottom up, this is a Sony Vaio I have for work, an old iBook with dead battery and flaky wireless I’m setting up as a test database server, my 12" PowerBook, and a 15" MacBook Pro I have for a few days of testing.

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