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Fix fan noise and overheat in Macbook Pro unibody [Any laptop in general].


Fix fan noise and overheat in Macbook Pro unibody [Any laptop in general].

This Macbook Pro 15 i7 A1286 model has noisy fans and the case is heating. This because the fans do not function correctly and this because of dirt on the fans which makes the blades heavy to turn. For better results, you can renew the thermal paste on the CPU and GPU chips and there is a video on youtube to do this.

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the nature of laptop batteries, rechargeable batteries and the general is no different samples


the nature of laptop batteries, rechargeable batteries and the general is no different samples

In fact, the nature of laptop batteries, rechargeable batteries and the general is no different samples, but major manufacturers have their own models for the appearance of the battery pack case processing, so that if the shell peel laptop battery, its internal structure and common There is no difference between the battery pack, that is the major brand laptop batteries mutual restraint is the biggest obstacle GM’s major brands of laptop computers among independent design.
A closer look at the internal battery, which is actually several groups of series-parallel circuit the battery, in general, by a single laptop battery battery capacity and voltage requirements of the constraints, notebook batteries are generally connected in series with the first approach to ensure parallel voltage and battery capacity, analogy, if a nominal 12.5V, Battery laptop battery 4000MAh laptop batteries, in general, this is composed of: start with three single voltage of 4.2V, 2000MAh batteries in series to achieve the standard said the 12.5V voltage, and then as a group composed of the battery cell and then in parallel circuits, increase the overall capacity of the battery to 4000MAh, this battery is generally referred to 6CELL battery pack.
Internal and external batteries for notebook computers and power supply have a certain understanding of the principle, we can better in their daily work, the use of laptop battery life. Then talk about the author himself in the use of laptop batteries for some experiences and suggestions. First get a piece of a new battery, many users approach is prompted by businesses for use in lithium battery charge 12 hours before the three or even more. This line also has a lot of controversy, but I found that in actual use, in fact, most of the batteries for the laptop is not necessary. Why? Businesses say it is the activity in order to fully activate the battery, fully awaken a new battery. For this reason it sounds very full and credible, but we have not thought about this problem. If, laptop battery manufacturers have not yet been fully activated to appearances, then it can be said that only a semi-finished products. Can not require each user to activate the battery master the skills, in reality, impossible. Thus, in the battery factory has been a manufacturer of fully activated. Then call the user charge the battery for 12 hours is conducive to the use of it? In this the author gives a negative answer, the current laptop battery has improved power management circuits, and charge management system, when the battery reaches saturation, the control circuit automatically switches to short-circuit state, so the time just after the waste of time only. How to activate the activity of the battery it? In fact, the manufacturers for the activation of the battery case in the absence of overload charging and discharging of the battery for a long time. Therefore, the first three charge 12 hours is unnecessary.

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General Computer Tips : How to Change a Laptop Battery


Change a laptop battery by turning off the computer to avoid killing the operating system and removing the battery from its clamp. Protect a laptop and change the batteries with tips from a software developer in this free video on general computer tips. Expert: Dave Andrews Contact: Bio: Dave Andrews is a software developer that holds a degree in computer science. Currently, he is employed by a government IT department. Filmmaker: Tim Brown
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TV Coverage Of The Dell Exploding Battery As Reported Here:
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