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Give your electronics a Second Life


Give your electronics a Second Life
Computer Batteries

Image by City of Edmonton
If it has a battery or a cord, bring it to an Eco Station. Electronics and computers are accepted at no charge, and are taken to the Edmonton Waste Management Centre to be processed for recycling.

Casio QV-11
Computer Batteries

Image by elston
This box caught my eye when one of the guys from the computer department was showing me how to do some of their web work.

I had to take a picture of it; not only is it already a relic of the digital age, the box features the World Trade Center towers.

The resolution is .26 megabytes. The output, according to the spec page is 320×240 dots. What would you even do with that? There’s no place for a memory stick, it just has 2 MB of internal flash memory. The swivel lens is pretty cool though.

It takes four AA batteries, and when you shake it, it makes a vicious rattle, so I don’t think I’ll be shooting with it any time soon.

Oh, and for a major laugh, check out the battery pack this guy rigged up for his. Be sure to scroll down and see how he wears it on his belt. Now imagine him running through an airport with his camera.

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I secretly love it when people give me flowers.


I secretly love it when people give me flowers.
Computer Battery

Image by wordsend
These came unexpectedly, from our Dean of Students, because apparently (a) it’s spring, and (b) I saved her computer.

By getting it a new battery.

*feels appreciated*

Mischievous Technology
Computer Battery

Image by aforgrave
After having had my computer go wonky on me for the fourth time in 24 hours — essentially unusable because the left-click would suddenly stop working (neither mouse nor trackpad would activate a left click, though right click, scrolling, cursor and keystrokes were ALL still fine!), I took the extreme measure of moving to reinstall the OS on another hard drive. (Granted, it’s been a pending necessity for some time now, what with a full hard drive, and Mountain Leopard pending …)

However, would you believe that at the VERY END of the OS X Lion installation set-up, you are faced with the requirement of showing you can handle the fancy new reversed scrolling feature in Lion (by doing the trackpad scrolling gesture), … and then you have to do a left-click on the "Start Using OS X Lion" button. You have NO choice. That is the ONLY possible option. No keyboard command. No gesture. No spacebar or Return to continue. No option but a simple left click. The one, single simple input that just happens to have been a recent issue on my computer. And guess what, despite a clean install of the operating system, it’s still not working. I have no other way to move orward. No other choices. I know, because Apple Tech Support and I tried to troubleshoot this on for over half an hour. And we came up with nothing. Nothing other than a "we know this won’t solve the problem, but we COULD do a Force Quit."

So as I sat waiting for someone else at Apple to pick up the case escalation hotline, I tried thinking up some other options.

• No, I couldn’t try accessing the Mac OS via a remote desktop app from another computer or the iPad — I was working with a clean installation, with no remote access permissions.
• Maybe I could try controlling the computer with the Magic Mouse?. But no go there — it had no batteries.
• Hmmm. Maybe that fancy Bluetooth trackpad?

And just as that though crossed my mind, I heard a mischievous chuckling coming from under some paper clutter off to the side of my desk. Paper clutter that supported a power adapter, and now also a box of computer tools from my hard drive installation.

What was the source of the chuckling? What was hiding under the papers?

Mustering my courage, I reached out and lifted the papers’ edge…

2012/366 – Day 164

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