At Apple,we’re always looking for ways to advance the performance of our portable products like the MacBook Pro.Now,the MacBook Pro Family has the worlds greenest notebook batteries,offering 7 hours for the 13-15-inch models and 8 hours on the 17-inch model on a single charge.Also included is adaptive charging,which reduces the wear and tear on the battery by varying the voltage and in Snow leopard,it can tell you what’s the condition of your battery.Unlike other notebook batteries(eg:TOSHIBA Satellite L100 which has a removable battery),the batteries in the MacBook Pro family offer 3x the recharges and 3x the lifespan of the notebook,which is equivalent to 1000 recharges.Is now available on the White MacBook.No Copyright Infringement/Violation intended.Credit goes to Apple.I LOVE YOU APPLE.MY MACBOOK PRO WITH THAT BATTERY FROM YOU IS THE BEST!!!!

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