Computer Battery

Image by Brendan Biele
I pulled the power supply to check for damage and to clean deeper into the machine. (I also pulled all the media drives) The psu seems OK, that’s it on top, so now I have to put it all back together. Then I will slap in a new PRAM battery and do a pmu reset and hope that it boots. Not having a working computer at home just sucks!

And then the camera was put to sleep …
Computer Battery

Image by hern42
(@ Hamburg, Germany)
This being the last picture from the digicrap before it died out of exhaustion … Nothing a bit of charging can’t fix though.
The digicrap is out of order at the moment because I misplaced (yes, lost) the rubber band that keep the battery from falling off, super hightech engineering from yours truly (I cannot duct-tape the thing as I would have no access to the SDcard and the plug to directly connect the digicrap to the computer is not functioning any more, sigh, this thing is a wreck.)

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