Bad Habits of Using Laptop Batteries

Maintaining batteries has been a hot topic for laptop users. In fact there are many wbad habits of using laptop batteries, and these mainly come from 2 aspects. One is that the thinking hasn’t kept up with the change of Ni-MH batteries to Li-ion batteries. The other is funnier, as the mobile phone using the device repeatedly rechargeable batteries is the first contact to most users of laptop. So the using habit of phone has been taken for granted to extend to the using of laptop.


Here are some common bad habits of using laptop batteries:

1. New laptop battery need repeated three times of charging and discharging to activate it.

You needn’t to do this unless you have bought a laptop which has been stocked for longer than one year. Because the battery cores have been activated in the factory, and when the battery cores are packaged to laptop batteries, there is an activating test. So when you got a new Dell INSPIRON 6000 Battery, it has been active. If you do three times of charging-discharging is to increase the batteries life only.


2. The first charging must be enough for 12 hours

This is fit to the earlier laptops using of Ni-HM batteries with no control circuit for battery. Now, it’s a fun to the laptops with intelligent control circuit of charging and discharging. When the battery is full charged, the charging current is automatically cut off. Even if you continue to charge 120 hours, there would not be any change. In general, even the charging slowest laptops; 6 hours charging is enough, remaining charging is just waste of your time. Instead, you need to charge the battery first when you get a new Dell Latitude D620 Battery.


3. Battery requires periodic calibration, fully charging and discharging once a month.

For Ni-HM batteries, this is necessary, but it’s too frequent to Li-ion batteries. 1 times of 2 months or 3 months.

Though the memory effect of Li-ion battery doesn’t eliminate completely, but it has been greatly reduced. If you use the battery frequently, you should discharge its power to low about 10%~15% before recharge. If you discharge the battery to the laptop won’t boot, there is great damage to the Li-ion batteries.

4. Calibration can enhance the battery capacity.

The so-called correction is that when the battery’s actual capacity and the control circuit is not the same as the record of capacity, do an operation of fully charging and discharging battery. So the control circuit record, bringing them closer to the actual situation of the battery. This is a manifestation of the true capacity of the battery operation rather than enhance the capacity.


The key factor is the actual capacity of the battery. If the battery’s actual capacity than the control circuit is higher volume record, calibration can make the battery appear to increase the capacity, but if the battery’s actual capacity than the control circuit record the capacity of the lower, then the correction seems to reduce the capacity of the battery. That’s why many people debating the causes of calibration results. Remember that the calibration is to make the battery true capacity appears, to eliminate the deviation of between battery and control circuit. As demonstrated by the increase or decrease capacity, which is the state of the battery itself, rather than determined by your calibration. There may be great hurt to battery when the battery depth of discharge, and capacity would decrease.

5. Compatible battery charger can also be used.

If you need to use a compatible battery charger, you should note that the voltage and current of the charger must be consistent with the nominal value of your laptop. The different products of one factory may have the same interfaces, but the voltage and current may be different.

6. Storing batteries with full charging or full discharging.

It’s both wrong to store batteries with neither full charging nor full discharging. To store battery with full discharging lose the activity of the battery, and it’s danger to store batteries with full charging. It’s best to store batteries with 40% power, and store them in a cool and dry place.

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