What was in my bag heading home on Friday
Laptop Battery

Image by plindberg
Plus my Nikon CoolPix 3100.

Apple laptop hardware is officially dead to me
Laptop Battery

Image by Coneee
This is my third MacBook wrist rest replacement. This is a picture, where you can see faint wrist rest stains after two hours of light use today. I just got my MacBook back from the repair shop.

The broken Bluetooth is fixed, and I have my new AC Adapter and Battery after the previous ones broke, but the wrist rest stains are back. Why can’t Apple fix this fucking problem? I don’t want to send in my machine every couple of weeks to get a new bit of plastic! (On the very small plus side, I get a nice new trackpad and keyboard every time they replace the wrist rests).

Please, go and vote for defective Apple MacBooks as the worst gadget of 2006 over at Engadget.


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