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Cell Out: How-To Dispose of Batteries


Every year, more than 18000 tons of “dead” batteries are tossed into landfills, mercilessly left there to ooze heavy metals into water and soil. Luckily, th…

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HOW-TO: laptop cooler for under 5 dollars!!!!


This is my homemade notebook cooler that cost me around 3 dollars and some random computer parts I had sitting around the house. This is used on my Asus EeePC1000H but this could be used for most small to midsize laptops.

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Tiger How-To: Install More Memory in Your Laptop


Visit for a complete listing of Laptop Memory offered by TigerDirect. This helpful tutorial is another in the series of How-To videos produced by TigerTV. Logan will show you the step by step process of installing more memory in your Laptop PC. Watch, Learn, and Enjoy! From TigerTV and
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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