114/365 Playing with Clever Husband’s homemade surface computer, complete with duplo camera holder
Computer Batteries

Image by sirexkat
Clever Husband greeted me on my return home with – "I had to buy you a new monitor".

He took my brand new monitor, dismantled it for the screen and is making a multitouch computer.

His workplace is currently researching games created for kids with autism and this was a cheap way to create the hardware they need.

It’s only half finished, which is why I was drawing on it using a diode pinched against a battery.

Arduino Uno running on 9 Volt battery
Computer Batteries

Image by John Sloan
When’s the last time you have a computer you could program in C++ that ran on a 9 Volt transistor radio battery? Arvada Colorado USA. Winter 2012.

watching a movie. It’s intense
Computer Batteries

Image by josterpi

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