Notebook Batteries

Image by Hello Turkey Toe
contents of backpack – March 26th, 2010.

What’s in my Targus backpack?
Notebook Batteries

Image by mamamusings
Not as much as there sometimes is, because after three out-of-town trips I’ve cut it down a lot to reduce the weight. Other things that are often there include books, a third battery, and far more cables.

Notebook Batteries

Image by gundt
I built this piece of furniture from mdf.
It accomodates my printer, three external harddrives, my scanner, a stack of printer paper, a battery charger and some folders with cds and dvds. The cable mess is well hidden in the lower and in the upper compartment. One external drive doubles as a usb hub. So it takes just one usb cable to connect the peripheral devices to the computer. And there is still some space where i can store the notebook battery in case i’m not working on it.

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