What’s In My Bag – IMG_2473.JPG
Computer Batteries

Image by NothingToDeclare
What’s in My bag on a long business+vacation trip.

Taken in and around Sofia Antipolis (Valbonne), France.

Kodak DC4800, one
Computer Batteries

Image by Lone Primate
Bang, here it is. The DC4800. This was my principal camera for over four and a half years. This photo was taken the day I acquired its successor, a Canon Rebel XT, which was used to take this picture.

I got the DC4800 in February, 2001. It was my first megapixel camera. The image quality was wonderful. It was light, its battery held a long charge, and it connected to the computer via USB, so downloading the images was a lot brisker than it was using the previous cameras — ironic when you consider this camera’s images were over eight times larger that those of the DC40 or DC50. This was the first digital camera I ever had that made me think, yeah, this is a real camera. It’s not a toy, it’s not an experiment… it’s a camera. Sure was: at the time I bought it, it cost me over 0.

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