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The Importance of Laptop Comparison | Laptop Comparisons Guide

0 — Compare Before You Buy —– Technology becomes part of peoples life and there are lots of kinds of technologies that you can find around you. Computer is one of the technologies which you can find easily. Almost everyone has a laptop or computer in their house. If you need a laptop and you want to buy it, you should compare the laptops before you buy. Compare the laptops is not only compare the prices of the laptops but you should compare the features and quality. Before you buy the laptop you want, you should search laptop comparison in the internet. You can find all kind of laptop comparison include price comparison, features comparison, and quality comparison. You probably have two choices between 1 beyond and DV gear so here is the performance comparison. 1 beyond has raw performance, audio, tech support, analog capture, documentation, and bells and whistles. DV gear is weak in all of the features but it has better battery, LCD panel, portability, software packages, and warranty than 1 beyond. The laptop comparison like this is so important if you want to buy a laptop because you will know which one is probably the best for you. So now, if you have a plan to buy a new laptop, you should get the laptop comparison because laptop comparison will help you to find the best laptop for you. For more information please visit our website
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laptop battery more and more the importance of the attention of consumers


laptop battery more and more the importance of the attention of consumers

The rapid proliferation of notebook computers, laptop battery more and more the importance of the attention of consumers. A good laptop battery not only give users of mobile commerce and digital life bring great convenience, but also can eliminate the future use of insecurity. A piece of notebook batteries do not, can not be met for users in addition to its mobile digital life, it will also bring the use of hidden dangers, especially security issues. A battery explosion caused destruction of a notebook, or even can lead to more serious consequences. Laptop Battery acer Laptop Battery

So choose a good laptop battery is significant. But the original battery in the hundreds of thousands of price updates, many users a choice in the market replacement cost and better product. But two laptop repair market price of the replacement products from 100 – 800 range, making it difficult for consumers to judge from the price the quality is good or bad.

In this article, by analyzing the composition of laptop batteries and designed to help people from the current market in the notebook battery

business of price and other considerations to choose the best laptop battery.

By lithium-ion laptop batteries 18650 batteries with protection circuit board and PVC plastic shell composed of the following items on an analysis of its cost:

1.18650 2200,2400,2600 mah lithium-ion battery is divided into three types, a typical laptop battery assembly with 8 batteries (series 2 and 4). If it is a genuine original batteries, usually Japanese and Korean manufacturers or domestic A-grade formal 18650 batteries, these batteries have the quality assurance, safety through rigorous testing, the cost is usually different capacity in the U.S. under the 3 per between about 1 and a normal laptop battery (8) costs about 24 dollars, equivalent to RMB: 170 or so.

If the B grade, or disassemble the battery (installed after a good quality batteries, Japanese and Korean have quality problems or even safe sex batteries, often in China, dumping) the cost between the price of RMB 10-15 Such batteries or re-assembly after assembly, an 8 batteries notebook batteries cost 80-120 yuan. In addition, even worse, some unscrupulous manufacturers to 18650 with more poor, often have security problems, it is easy to blast away with your notebook assembly of low-quality products, its eight batteries in the laptop battery can cost around 50 yuan . Dell Latitude D531N Battery Dell D820 Battery

2. Laptop battery on the PCB control panel, a good control panel, you can extend laptop battery life to protect the security, the cost is usually 80 percent; If it is a bad battery control panel PCB dysfunction, or disassemble board, the cost of 30 yuan,

3. On PVC plastic shell, plastic shell good cost 30 yuan, a bad low quality goods at 10 yuan.

Summing up the appeal, there is a good quality assurance by the notebook battery Dell D830 Battery Dell XPS M1330 battery (8) the cost should be around 280, so a good non-Original Notebook Battery (8 batteries) and a lower price, including operations cost and profit to reach the end consumer’s hands should be 350-550 yuan; if low-quality notebook battery products B (8) the cost of 120 yuan, the price for 200-300; if the minimum quality laptop battery (8) costs for 80 or so, its price is usually between 100-200.

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