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John Trimble important decision


John Trimble important decision

This is John Trimbles story he is from New Alex sander Penna,John was always an constant dreamer and reader of Cowboy novels,such as Zane grey and Stephen Crane.John’s Mother was a school teacher of an one room school house and his Father work for the US postal service which john says he was the one who pushed him into the field.

World war ll brought a career change for John he was drafted, John discovered he had a medical problem,and did not see action in the war.Therefore this bothered john till he was into his 80s.

However he met his wife Carol who worked as a waitress in a delmont John Trimble fell in love while eating her Texas Chile she made for him.John knew she was the women he was going to marry

.years later they found a wonderful home in Blairsville Penna.John Trimbles son was the couples first of four children.John Trimble Jr became a code officer for Blairsville area.

John son loved what he was doing and made his father proud.However somethingtragic happen to John Jr in 2003 he broke his back and died in a week

.Most family members felt this was a great toll on John and Carol at the time.Consequently few years later carol contracted MS and was put in a nursing home.However this made a impact on John because of her medical state when she died on a machine 2007 and the family had no choice in the matter.After her death the family were trying to keep Johns home going and operational durning this time period.

However,in august 2009 John Trimbles hip disjointed and he had to be taken to the hospital and ended up in the rest home during therapy at the rest home he disjointed his hip again and had to stay in bed for 2 weeks because of other medical problems also till he would be scheduled for surgery

.Consequently he was taken to the hospital for his hip surgery the surgery was an secess but John was rushed to the ICU or intensive care unit hearing the news that he would that his kidneys shut down John made his decision

.John wanted to be with his wife Carol shut down the machine.Therefore the family went with Johns wishes and John was transferred to hospice.John knew his family was taken care of and he wanted to be with Carol and be in peace.

born in greensburg penna 1960 graduated 1979 from greensburg salem graduate from university of Pittsburgh at greensburg 1985

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laptop battery takes an important part in people’s life


laptop battery takes an important part in people’s life

As many people use laptop instead of desktop computer, laptop battery takes an important part in people’s life. As we know, many people work or play on the laptop everywhere even when they have a vacation on the beach. To some people, they are so busy that they still need to pay attention to their work when they go out for a vacation, because there are some things need to be done by themselves. To some other people, they just take the laptop with then for fun when they are dull in the room when they are on trip.BOSCH Power Tool Battery Dewalt Power Tool Battery

To use the laptop everywhere well, you need to pay attention to the laptop battery when you buy the laptop battery.

Now, you can find much information on the website. Many people know that they can find the suitable laptop battery if they search the battery with the part number or the laptop model. After they find it, they buy it at once. But when they get it, they find that the laptop battery doesn’t work well with their laptop, which makes them feel so upset.

To avoid the above situation, we advise that paying much attention to the cells of the laptop battery when you buy a laptop battery, because if the cells are different from your original old one, it can’t work well with your laptop. There are many kinds of laptop batteries,6 cells and 9 cells or some other ones.

So when you find the laptop battery on the website, please check all the details of that. Only when all the information matches your laptop well, can you buy the item. At last you will get a working laptop battery for your laptop.

Hope the above advice is useful for you.

When you are watching NBA basketball play or watching some other video on the laptop, the laptop screen darken suddenly, which surprises you so much. You may wonder why the laptop screen darkens suddenly.LTN141W1-L05 lcd LP154W01 lcd LQ133K1LA4A lcd

Generally, there are three main reasons for the above situation.

The first kind is that there is some problem with the lamp. The aging or short-circuit of lamp will make screen dark. If there is some problem with your laptop screen lamp, just take your laptop to a professional company for checking and repairing. But this situation happens seldom. aging and short circuit is rarely tubes of The aging of laptop lamp is because being used for a long time or there is some collision when it is used (The normal lamp life can reach 3 ~ 5 years).

The second is there is no high enough voltage of the motherboard. There is some problem with the motherboard. Most of these kind problems can be solved without changing the motherboard.LP154WX4 lcd LP141WX1 lcd

The third is high-voltage plate has some problem. It is normal when the high-voltage plate is aging or burnt or the power cables loosen, because high-voltage plate works under high temperature and the chip is easily aging or burnt out.

Generally, there are the above cases if the laptop LCD screen HP Pavilion DV6000 LCD Screendarkens suddenly. Of course, there may be some other cases. If anybody finds any other reasons, please share it with us.

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Laptop Battery Charger ? Most Important Accessory for your Laptop


Laptop Battery Charger ? Most Important Accessory for your Laptop

So, you have bought a new laptop, and are looking for information on which laptop battery charger to use. Many of you don’t know that there are numerous laptop chargers available in the market. You will never run out of choices when it comes to buying a laptop battery charger. This is because they are available in all types and models and can be obtained at different prices which suit all types of budgets.

Laptop chargers vary from brand to brand and model to model. This variation is based on voltage, amperage, chemical composition, battery designs and so on. You need to match the battery charger with your laptop model for compatibility and exact fit. Some of the well-known makers of battery laptop chargers are Toshiba, Hp, Acer and Compaq.

The Acer’s AcerNote 300 battery chargers offer 100% compatibility and come with a one-year warranty. These are also more economical as you can buy them for a price ranging from -. You will also get numerous choices in laptop battery chargers if you own a HP laptop. This is because HP has a huge collection of battery chargers such as the 2133 Mini-Note and the series of business notebook chargers. The price of an HP laptop battery charger starts at and can go up to or even more. Toshiba laptop battery chargers have a high quality and are also available at a competitive price. They also come with a one-year warranty and start from onwards. One of them is the Toshiba Tecra L2 series that you can buy at ; it comes with a power cord and an input of 100-240V, 50/60 Hz and 1.8A and with an output of 3.42A and 19V.

If you want a laptop battery charger that is compatible with multiple laptop brands then you should definitely take a look at the Amstron’s 60-Watt battery laptop charger. It is compatible with Acer, Compaq and HP notebooks. This battery charger for laptop can stand even the bad mobile environments and is sealed for protection against high humidity and moisture. It contains exclusive internal safety features that secure your laptop from hazardous electrical elements. It also filters input line voltage surges or spikes and comes with a warranty of one year.

Laptop battery chargers are something which people cannot afford to lose, but the chances of misplacing them is high and hence you need to know where to buy good quality laptop chargers. If you want to save then you can easily buy a charger online, though all of the chargers are available in stores.

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