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ECN’s Engineering Update #3: Watson, Nano Batteries, 3D Chips And Mission: Impossible Gets Real


“Watson,” no, not Sherlock’s sidekick, but the famous supercomputer who beat the world’s best human at Jeopardy, is going back to school. IBM is sending th…

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Thinking of six impossible things before breakfast


Thinking of six impossible things before breakfast
Laptop Battery

Image by Stargazer95050
[borrowing this line from "Alice in Wonderland II"]

How cool & useful would it be to have a BIG TOUCH-TABLET.
Like a 24" LCD screen with a tablet function
sorry — Don’t have this yet.

For my astro-travel setup, I recognized how beautifully my old 24" LCD screen will fit into that travel case. And so this is not a photo-montage. THIS SETUP ACTUALLY WORKS !!
All stand-alone from a 12V battery inside this 24gal Stanley toolbox (detailed photos later)
In a harsh and misty environment, in the dark, a keyboard is a bit of a nuisance. can’t type without extra light, misplace it in the dark, moisture isn’t good for the contacts, …

So a good touch-pad on-screen interface would be just nice !!
A large (24") view is good to explore space AND edit photos. And watch a DVD while shooting 50+ long-exposures in the background

As I said (photos later) — this setup actually is working from a single (quite small) 12V car battery. Powers both the laptop & the monitor. Too bad it requires additional mouse & KBD to be useful (no touchscreen).
It looks cool and may be useful in the future — but at this time, it is merely a proof of an interesting concept. THE WEIGHT is killing this idea.
- This 24" LCD is a couple of years old and quite heavy — maybe a newer 19" may be more suitable
- TBD the power that 24" needs, again a newer 19" likely is more suitable
- 12V car battery is cheap & reliable & good capacity ==> BUT REALLY HEAVY
- without a touchscreen, I would need at least a (wireless) mouse /trackball and possibly a (wireless) KBD as well (or easy access to the laptop KBD)
- the box may not be tough enough to protect the LCD in such a tight fit

This is BOX 1/2 to carry my new TELESCOPE GEAR :
Below the laptop is the computerized EQ mount ……



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