Inaccurate Computer Date- CMOS Battery Failure

Often forgotten but highly essential to your individual computer system is something called your CMOS battery. CMOS is actually a chip that is built into your computers motherboard; it retains the body data and it is settings. It is stored here so that the data is maintained and never erased, corrupted or accidentally edited. This chip doesn’t need your computer power supply as it has a battery built into it. This battery generally has a life time of up to ten years. Understandably if this battery starts to run have less its power, it can cause instability and much more.

CMOS Battery Failure Symptoms

* Incorrect some time and date on your personal computer. This is among the earliest warnings and a method to know that it is time to replace the battery.

* Computer won’t boot up.

* Begin getting errors all through boot up in the motherboard BIOS that say: “CMOS Checksum Error’, ‘CMOS settings wrong’, ‘CMOS battery error’ as well as ‘CMOS read error’.

* Blank screens all through boot up; or unexpectedly during regular use.

* Saving files or programs doesn’t appear to take.

Should you install a program one day, after which the next time you turn on your computer it’s not there and you have to reinstall it.

* Computer powers off without notice.

* Drivers no longer installed, or have grown to be corrupt.

* You might encounter other strange software and device issues such as your computer no more having the ability to locate your printer or mouse; programs won’t open on the first few tries, etc.

These are the most typical cmos battery failure symptoms and errors; however, your computer could throw off other signals that are not listed. In case your computer is lots of years of age, it may be a sensible decision to achieve the battery tested at first oncoming of these symptoms.

Most computer retailers now have technicians on-site that may test the battery to see if indeed it’s running down, most often the exam will be free. In the event that this was the problem, you will be able to achieve the technician replace it for you in those days. Unless you have extensive experience dealing with the internal areas of a computer, it is a good decision to have a professional do the particular CMOS battery replacement.

Get help with cmos battery failure symptoms by visiting a computer repair store in your area.

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