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How To Increase The Life Of Your Laptop Battery!


HowToTutorials01 – 100′s of short and fun tips! Channel – Playlists –…

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How to increase laptop battery life ?


How to increase laptop battery life ?

Read Full tutorial here :
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How to manage the battery and increase backup of laptops- tips & tricks for new laptop owners

3 brings to you for the first time, a detailed guide on usage of battery which will enhance the backup as well as increase the durability. …
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10 Best Ways to Increase Your Laptop’s Battery Life


Goto Main Article Here : In this video i’ll show you the ten ways to increase your laptops battery life. all the ten methods are very ef…

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Increase Your Laptop’s Battery Life – Simple


Increase Your Laptop's Battery Life - Simple

In this video from GreenLightPC, simple ways of increase the battery life of your laptop for free. GreenLightPC is a channel which aims to provide easy to fo…

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the internal pressure caused a sharp increase in battery explosion


the internal pressure caused a sharp increase in battery explosion

how to safely use the cell phone lithium battery
Internal lithium-ion cell phone lithium battery charge and discharge process in the negative ? positive ? positive state of motion, due to strong activity of lithium itself, so the charge and discharge process may have accumulated in the positive and negative, in the event of accumulation, it will have lithium dendrites (one of the main types of

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crystal growth), pierce dendrites may insulation, resulting in micro short circuit, short circuit caused a lot of heat generated inside the battery electrolyte, insulation materials, local gasification, resulting in increased pressure within the battery , and when the pressure increases to a certain degree of strength of the shell will explode when you can not afford.

This shows that the charging of lithium-ion battery will explode, especially lithium-ion battery for more than 5 magnification easily explode. In the small current charge, the reaction rate slower than the combination, accumulation of lithium atoms will not form, so relatively safe. In the formation of lithium atoms over flow faster, thus giving the accumulation of lithium atoms, resulting in short-circuit the battery internal resistance,release a lot of heat, so that a large number of electrolyte decomposition gases, the internal pressure caused a sharp increase in battery explosion.


In addition, the cell phone lithium battery overheating (150 ? or more) will explode.

Because of lithium cobalt oxide and graphite in the sub-atomic state is the existence of conditions in the heating greatly increased its activity in more than 150 ? above greatly reduced the role of lithium, the lithium electrons and lithium nuclei very close, close to or reach lithium atomic state, the lithium atoms can react with the electrolyte, causing the battery to explode.

1. As far as possible use the original charger. Battery both work, materials, safety and other areas in full accordance with international electrical safety standards of manufacturing, the basic battery safety can be guaranteed, while the fake is not only less battery over-current protection device, overcharge protection circuit and temperature sensor, easy to cause an explosion . Although compatible charger can also be used, but some failed because of electrical properties, will damage the battery.
2. Do not place the battery in high temperature under high temperature will cause the battery to increase the heat, then easily explode. Therefore, charge the battery or place the phone with the battery, be sure to choose a place away from heat, but also to avoid direct sunlight during the summer.

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Speed Up Your iPhone and Increase Battery Life


Leave other tips as comments **** Thanks for watching guys! My Website: Subscribe to Me Visit My Channel: The music used in the intro is “Harmful or Fatal” by Kevin McLeod, it is a royalty free song provided by

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5 Ways to INCREASE BATTERY LIFE (iOS 4) [iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch]


5 simple tips to increase and save battery on you iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Here is the written script: 1.A big battery killer is screen brightness. Make sure it is set at around half full and and have auto-brightness toggled. 2.Another is if you have an email account set up on your device. If you do, head over to the Settings application, tap on the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option and then look for Fetch New Data. Look under Fetch have it set to Hourly, or for extreme battery saving, click Manually. Personally, I have it on hourly, witch automatically checks if I have new mail every hour from the last check ( you can also check for mail manually by opening the mail app). Under Manually, the device will only check for mail if you open the application. 3.Push Notifications. To see which apps have this feature activated, go to settings, and then Notifications. Go through all of the apps in the list and only toggle the ones that are actually needed 4. The last daily step to increase battery life are the background apps. When you double press the home button, hold down a application icon until it starts wiggling and a red X appears in the corner of it. Close app the apps until it’s empty. 5. The last step, which is very important, but only required every month or two, is the most time consuming. Calibrating the battery. To do so charge your iDevice (at night) until completely (100%) full. Allow it to remain plugged in two hours after 100% (although you can use it or not
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10 Ways to Increase Battery Life on iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad


10 Ways to Increase Battery Life on iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

The 10 ways to save battery are: -Turn off wifi when not in use -Turn off bluetooth when not in use -Turn 3G off when not using it -Turn auto brightness off and turn down the brightness -Disable Location services -Turn Equilizer(music) off -Kill all background apps -Sutolock sooner -Disable some Cydia Tweaks via SBsettings Check out my channel: Check out my old channel: Follow me on Twitter: Like my Facebook Fan Page: The iPhone features an internal rechargeable battery. Like an iPod but unlike most other mobile phones, the battery is not user-replaceable. The iPhone can be charged when connected to a computer for syncing across the included USB to dock connector cable, similar to charging an iPod. Alternatively, a USB to AC adapter (or “wall charger,” also included) can be connected to the cable to charge directly from an AC outlet. A number of third party accessories (stereos, car chargers, even solar chargers) are also available. Apple runs tests on preproduction units to determine battery life. Apple’s website says that the battery life “is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity after 400 full charge and discharge cycles”, which is comparable to iPod batteries. The original iPhone’s battery was stated to be capable of providing up to seven hours of video, six hours of web browsing, eight hours of talk time, 24 hours of music or up to 250 hours on standby. The iPhone
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How to Increase your Laptop & Notebook Battery Power

Notebook Battery
by khym54

How to Increase your Laptop & Notebook Battery Power

Article by johnsunvalley

How to Increase your Laptop & Notebook Battery Power – Computers – Hardware

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The actual life of a laptop battery will vary with computer usage habits. In a survey by chipmaker Intel, 57% of laptop users said they wished their batteries lasted longer

Depending upon the model, a notebook battery usually lasts from 1 to 8 hours. However, with efficient battery usage, an hour or two of battery power can significantly be increased. You can save battery power by using the built-in battery saving modes and by following good notebook battery-saving practices.

Built-in battery-saving modes are Stand By and Hibernate. In the Stand By mode, open applications are stored in the RAM, the hard disks power down, the monitor switches off, but the processor goes on running. When you again perform some activity of the mouse or the keyboard, then the hard disk powers up, the monitor switches on, and the data from the RAM is activated, restoring your notebook exactly the way you left it.

Here are some tips to extend the life of your laptop battery:

1. Power down the display

Lowering the brightness may give you as much as an extra hour of runtime. And to increase even more the lifetime of your battery lower the screen resolution and color depth. This will decrease the workload on the GPU, thus extending the battery runtime.

To change this settings follow the steps below:

a. Open the Windows Start menu and click the Control Panelb. Open the Display menuc. In the new window click the Appearance tab. Under the Advanced button you can disable extra features like ClearType fonts and fade effects which will cut down on the CPU’s power consumptiond. Now go to the Settings tabe. Here adjust the color depth to 16 bit. This is more than enough in office and internet applications.

2. Turn off unused devices

Many new notebooks provide a hard-wired On/Off switch for the Wi-Fi radio for this reason.To save even more power go to the Control Panel, select System–>Hardware–>Device Manager, and disable the following items: Ethernet adapter, infrared transceiver, and Bluetooth radio. You should do this beacause having Bluetooth enabled and not using it actually consumes quite a bit of power.

3. Decrease hard drive activity

Defragmenting your hard drive regularly will decrease the frecuency with which your hard disk has to spin, therefore the battery will last longer. This is due to the fact that defragmentation optimizes the placement of the data on the drive and when a program makes a request for certain data it can be found more quickly.

To defragment your hard disk follow the steps in this article.

Another way to decrease hard drive activity is to set your paging file to a fix value, and this value should be around 1.5 times the amount the RAM you have installed on your computer.

To set the paging file go to the Control Panel and click through System -> Advanced -> Performance Settings -> Advanced -> Virtual Memory Change.

4. Disable startup items

Startup items are programs that load into memory every time Windows boots up and cause other open applications to spill over virtual memory and adds to the CPU load, shortening battery runtime. Here is how to remove some of them that are not necessary.

5. Condition the battery

Battery memory is where the battery becomes conditioned to run for less time than it is designed to run. Say for example, you run your computer on battery for an hour and then you plug it back in to let it recharge. The battery will become conditioned to run only an hour before it runs out of juice.

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