Pepper Pad 3 internals
Computer Battery

Image by chuma_
Insides of a PP3. Possibly identifying information has been blacked out.

I’ve annotated this and identified as many components with as many details as possible. There is one connector that must be on the other side of the board, which is the one connection the LCD panel.

Late night workings
Computer Battery

Image by katwhidden
My late night crowded home desk.

Sharp PC-4501
Computer Battery

Image by oschene
Looking for the chipmunk trap and found my old laptop, so to speak, covered in dust and cat vomitus. A PC-4501 with an 80186 processor (7.16 MHz, though you could slow it down in the BIOS, if that was too fast for you.) Lead acid battery, two 3.5" drives, CGA graphics.

I remember playing SimCity on this puppy.

Still boots.

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