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Introduction To Eneloop Battery by SANYO


New eneloop Ready To Use Rechargeable Battery For the first time in battery-history it has been possible to combine the advantages of rechargeable batteries …
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Samsung G800 – Introduction


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iPod Shuffle – An Introduction to Battery


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Laptop battery software Introduction

Laptop Battery
by n3rraD

Laptop battery software Introduction

In add-on to laptop computer configuration, there can not be ignored is a battery. Notebook computer originally as easy to carry, the Battery for users is very important, if the laptop battery power, what is the meaning of convenience?! Therefore, when choosing books.


Assign the Lenovo IdeaPad Y550 battery is one of the items will be measured!


However, how the battery test it? Test battery many software, such as Battery Mark, Battery Eater, MobileMark2002 so. General


Use more battery test software Battery Mark, following a brief introduction on Battery Mark’s use and it should be noted


First, look at Battery Mark works correctly. Barrage fire cross off actually use the built-in Graphics engine,


Processor engine, Disk engine, Think engine, 4 engines will simulate the actual operation to consume battery power. Through the 4


One engine to run a continuous loop between the simulated user environment, to a comprehensive test battery of specific circumstances. Software every 2 to 3 minutes on


Test data will be automatically saved to the specified directory. When the Lenovo IdeaPad Y550 battery runs out completely to automatically shut down the last save before the end


The end result will be as the test results.


Let us look at how to operate the set.


Must be before the test laptop battery fully charged, and should the system shut down a number of related management systems.


First turn off the screen saver


Then click on the bottom right corner, “Power” button to enter the Lenovo IdeaPad Y550 battery power management, the power to use the program in accordance with the image shown to change


Switch to the “warning” page will be “insufficient battery alarm” and “a serious shortage of battery alarm” two check mark are removed.


Switch to the “sleep” page, see “start sleep” before it is checked (most laptops now are able to activate the system off


Sleep function), if any, would remove the hook. Then click “OK”, this power management is turned off.


As the Battery Mark’s Graphics engine in need of some full-screen graphics, and some sub-standard resolution screen resolution


1024X768 before you will be forced to adjust to 1024X768, 1024X768 and above if you do not have a resolution. In addition, as


Battery Mark show in the middle between full screen and the constant switching will have adverse effects on the taskbar, the taskbar is best overall in the most


Remove the previous option.


All those affairs are windowpanes power management program that comes with the settings, for some larger companies will have their own dedicated


Power management procedures, real basic, like, just follow the principles above set on it. (Of course, the above settings only


For the media for the evaluation, as individuals in the test, could use the company itself with a dedicated management procedures.


Have the battery time should be slightly longer)


After a series of set top after a run Battery Mark


(Start ? Programs ? Ziff Davis Media BenchMarks ? Ziff Davis Media Battery Mark 4.0.1


First of all we see is the License screen. At this point the page “Proceed” to not click on the gray, we only need to right


Rolled at the bottom of the scroll bar, “Proceed” button will automatically become available.


Then the software will be prompted to fill in the name with the organization, where we can easily fill in, do not care.


After the confirmation page, click “OK” on it.


After “hardships”, the last to see the “true colors.” Had just spent a long time ago, are still only a small


Only the beginning. Here are a few options:


1.Run (Start test)


2.Save results (save the test results)


3.Compare results (results of comparison)


4.Help (Help)


Click Run, software, hardware platform will be tested to see if it meets the requirements; if you do not comply will not be able to continue running


Battery Mark. (Black check mark indicates that the machine meets the test of minimum requirements; yellow X said that although the machine did not meet the minimum


Requirements, but also can finish the entire test; the red X is the machine can not finish the entire test. )


Click “Next” will show Battery Mark the so-called minimum configuration requirements.


Click “Next” again there is a whole page in English, where, Battery Mark will once again stressed that the restructuring resolution


And the task bar hidden problems. The bottom is a test also need to install any font requirements, generally No missing fonts


Another interface, at the top indicates we do not care. In order to avoid the impact of the testing process by other programs, Battery Mark will automatically


Probe is running, tied up, if the yellow X, will not impact.


Then this page has suggested that if the software running on Windows Me system, the first will be ME “System Restore” turned off,


Otherwise affect the test.


This time Zhongyu Ao explored, and feel than the march was also difficult at this time point “complete” can then be tested (if appeared in front of the red


Of X, then the Finish button will be gray. ).


Fainted, but also feelings of deception by the software. This page is a test laptop battery Mark and machines are compatible with power management procedures,


Continue starting point detection. (Due to old models of power management compatibility, Battery Mark on the specific power management procedures and


Capacitive little worse)


If the point of no big change, there Retry after 60 seconds with the Cancel option, then we should be bold by


Cancel, otherwise fall into the cycle of death.


A warning will pop up to remind laptop battery Mark will be the case without power management operation, according to F3 to continue, press Esc exit.


Press F3 to enter test selection window, where we can choose Conditioning Run and Life Test of two test modes.


Conditioning Run full load mode, it calls the three engines: Graphics engine, Processor engine, Disk engine,


Simulation of a large workload in the state of laptop time. Compared with Conditioning Run mode, Life Test of a Multi-Mode


Think engine engine, mainly in the practical application of simulation among the laptop case. Under normal circumstances, Life Test mode than


ConditioningRun model a long time 30% to 40%.


Choose to conduct the test program, press F3, a warning will appear (if there is no power management in the case of testing). At this point the


Disconnect the power Dell xps m1730 battery adapter, and then press F3 to officially begun.


Accidentally choose the wrong test items, need to quit, then press F3, then press F3 again to confirm exit. Re-select the correct test items to test


As for testing time, depending on the specific model may be. Measured before, as the author of Sony TX, C mode, running a total of more than 4 hours,


The running time of L mode, sleep a night; wake up the next morning, no finish, a full 7 hours. However, under normal circumstances, even if the power


Consumption and then a large (or small laptop battery capacity), have a general to an hour, so we can go to a cup of coffee, look set drinking and card series,


Read again, it is estimated almost nine.




1. In Life Test test, usually adjust the screen brightness to half (some models use the Dell xps m1730 battery when the screen brightness


Automatically reduced, this need not go to their adjustment), if the notebook comes with special software that can be transferred to the best battery performance mode. The Conditioning Run mode, then the best screen brightness set to maximum, special software is set to best performance mode.


1.Battery Mark has certain requirements on memory, if the relatively low memory crash situation may occur, the system built at least 64MB flash in98


Memory above, Win2k system more than 128MB, WinXP 256MB or more, to avoid crash to happen.


2. Note that the settings should be modified, such as the power scheme, warning, status bar, screen saver, sleep, have to double check, if


If omitted, would affect the accuracy of test results.


3. Sometimes occur when running on laptop battery Mark error, the user need not worry as long as the re-start just once, you can then pre-


Interrupt the test area to continue.


Four. Because the number of Li-ion laptop battery charging and discharging is limited, occasionally running it will not have much impact on Dell xps m1730 battery life, but if too frequent


Using Battery Mark test, then, will affect battery life.

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An Introduction to Laptop Batteries


An Introduction to Laptop Batteries

One of the oldest batteries used in laptops is the NiCad, nothing but the Nickel Cadmium, which is very rarely used today. These Nickel Cadmium or the NiCad batteries is very heavier when compared to laptop batteries which are used to day. These NiCad batteries are prone to memory effect and they aren’t environment friendly as it contains heavy metals. Now battery manufactures have stopped manufacturing batteries of this type. The Nickel Metal Hydride or NiMH batteries are less likely to be prone to memory effects, but produces better power when compared to NiCad batteries. However most companies have stopped manufacturing NiMH batteries also.

The Lithium Ion or Li-Ion batteries is the most commonly used batteries used today in Laptops and also in other digital gadgets as Lithium Ion or Li-Ion batteries are compatible, provides excellent power and lesser in weight. Li-Ion batteries are very much useful in smaller and lighter devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones and of course in laptops. Another biggest advantage of Lithium Ion batteries is that they do not suffer memory effect at all! However these batteries tend to lose its charge quickly towards the end of their life span. If this happens, then this is an indication, that the battery needs to be replaced.

Here is useful information on laptop batteries; Laptop batteries are rated by “V” which means voltage and “mAh” which stands for Milliamp-hours. Voltage is the rate of energy or power drawn from the battery into the laptop. The Milliamp-hours shows the run time of the battery. Therefore if the battery has higher mAh / Milliamp-hours, then it means the battery will run for a longer time. Batteries having different mAh / Milliamp-hours can be used for laptops but you need to make sue that the voltage rating is the same. You need to cross check with your laptop manual or you older laptop battery to make sure that voltage rating is the same. In case if you’re using batteries of different voltage, then it can cause very serious damage to your laptop.

Here are some useful tips to ensure optimal battery life: Use the AC adapter whenever possible, try lowering the brightness settings on the screen backlight. Set the Windows Power Management settings to maximum savings. Try turning off Autosave features and disable auto Insert Notification on the CD-ROM. Also disconnect any unused devices such as modems when not in use. Put you’re laptop to Hibernate or Suspend feature when you are taking a break.

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