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Menubar, ca. January 23, 2010


Menubar, ca. January 23, 2010
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Image by scottjacksonx
Menubar screenshot, ca. January 23, 2010

Locations – Change your Mac’s settings based on which network it’s connected to. I wrote about this here.


Dropbox – Sync between everything (Mac, PC, iPhone). Dropbox is perfect.

SoundSource – RogueAmoeba’s free menubar program lets you quickly switch your audio inputs and outputs on your Mac.

Droplr – a quick way to easily share text, images and other files. I use this for disposable images and text on Twitter and stuff like that.

Google Notifier – Growl notifications for incoming mail.

Pastebot Sync – Lets me transfer whatever’s on my Mac’s clipboard to my iPhone’s clipboard, and vice versa. This plus Pastebot for iPhone is a game-changer.

Bluetooth – when I need it, I need it, but otherwise I like to have it switched off.

SynergyKM – share a mouse and keyboard with other computers over WiFi.

Time Machine – don’t get me started. Automatic, incremental backup is great. Everything else about Time Machine isn’t great.



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Philippines – Internship Kit
Computer Batteries

Image by Jeff_Werner
Everything I’m bringing and (hopefully) need for a two month internship in the Philippines.

My lab!
Computer Batteries

Image by Morten Liebach
I now have a lab, with 5 computers and a little networking equipment. Very nice. :-)

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My desk, January 2008.


My desk, January 2008.
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Image by revbean
The new screen was what amounted to a year-end bonus.

Nik_Doof’s Portable Office
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Image by Nik_Doof
This is the contents of my bag, the one i haul around most of the time. Its changes now and again (like the laptop doesnt come with me sometimes) but basiclly its all there.

Explored 23rd Oct 2005

(Edit 24/08/09): Just realised, my first ever uploaded Flickr photo got explored on my first day here. Wow.

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Gadget Bag January 2006


Gadget Bag January 2006
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Image by Glutnix
Here’s my gadgetbag for the start of the year

Most of what is being packed
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Image by seanbonner

Quad Laptop
Laptop Battery

Image by mhaithaca
I happened to have four laptops at home this weekend, and when I set my PowerBook on top of the two that were already on the table, it occurred to me that it would be fun to add the MacBook Pro to the top of the stack and snap a picture.

From the bottom up, this is a Sony Vaio I have for work, an old iBook with dead battery and flaky wireless I’m setting up as a test database server, my 12" PowerBook, and a 15" MacBook Pro I have for a few days of testing.

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