This is a video I made for Jonathan Coulton’s song ‘A Laptop Like You’. It stars Axis, my trusty PowerBook G4, which I bought in early 2005 just before moving from New Zealand to Geneva. I recently replaced it with a MacBook Pro, but just like Jonathan Coulton, my PowerBook would not retire without becoming an internet superstar. The song in the credits is ‘When You Go’, also by Jonathan Coulton. Both songs can be found on, and they are licensed under Creative Commons, which means I can make videos like this without fear of being accosted by lawyers. His song ‘Code Monkey’ is also referred to in this video. Bram Tant (http who valiantly confronted various Vista hassles in order to pretend to be my not-really-love-interest for about 50 seconds, also makes music. Probably the best place to look for him at the moment is in the upcoming Masters of Song Fu competition, somewhere difficult-to-find on Not-necessarily-fun facts and bloopers: There’s another video for this song on YouTube, which also features a Swiss flag. My MacBook Pro actually weighs 42g more than the PowerBook. This is the 42nd video I’ve uploaded to YouTube. I filmed so many takes of the ‘break it in two pieces’ scene that I think I ruined the contacts or something; my PowerBook’s battery doesn’t charge any more. The grey T-shirt is from Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2004. I originally intended to zoom out to show the back of it (which says ‘WWDC 2004
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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