Kata HB-207 Camera Bag
Computer Battery

Image by Cybjorg
This is my Kata bag, fully stuffed with video and camera gear. Outside pockets generally include a book and a bottle of water. My tripod also attaches to the exterior.

The Night Rocket Fleet
Computer Battery

Image by jurvetson
All new, or rebuilt from from ballistic mishaps in years past, they are finally ready to fly at the big Tripoli launch this weekend.

We’ll also have the the complex day projects; hoping to fly the Sledgehammer‘s seventh flight (now on the longest motor you can legally fly in Califiornia) and my son’s Epic with a moon burner J140 in the core and metalstorms at each fin tip. But that’s for tomorrow night’s prep. It should be zesty.

Completed portable instrument amp
Computer Battery

Image by Doctroid

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