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impulse control – killed by 9V batteries


second music video of “the crux”. album out in september! handyvideo. starring kb9Vb as the band, beate ponsold & markus trieb as the barbershop people, mark…
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killed by 9v batteries the freezer is on fire


music video for “the freezer is on fire”
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Extra Extended Expressions – killed by 9v batteries


stop trick music video by andi winter & friends…
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WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR? ??? ???? ??????????????


WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR? ??? ???? ?????????????? «??? ???? ??????????????» (????. Who Killed The Electric Car) — ?????????????? ????? 2006 ????, ?????????????? ? ?????????, ?????????????, ? ??????? ????????????? ? ???, ?????? ? EV1. ????? ?????????? ???? ??????????????????, ???????? ??????????????, ????????????? ???, ????????????? ?????????????, ?????????? ????, ? ???????????? ? ??????????? ?????????? ? ??????????????? ??????????????. Who Killed the Electric Car? Batteries In a bit of an unexpected turn, the film’s sole “not-guilty” suspect is batteries, one of the chief culprits if you asked the oil or auto industries. At the time GM’s EV1 came to market, it came with a lead acid battery with a range of 60 miles. The film suggests that since the average driving distance of Americans in a day is 30 miles or less and so for 90% of Americans, electric cars would work as a daily commute car or second car. The second generation EV1 (and those released by Honda, Toyota, and others) from 1998 to the end of the program, featured nickel-metal or even lithium (Nissan) batteries with a ranges of about 100 or more miles. The film documents that the company which had supplied batteries for EV1, Ovonics, had been suppressed from announcing improved batteries, with double the range, lest CARB be influenced that batteries were improving. Later, General Motors sold the supplier’s majority control share to Chevron/Cobasys. As part of the not-guilty verdict, the famed engineer Alan
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