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Laptops batteries go very fast


Laptops batteries go very fast
Laptop Batteries

Image by Daniele Rossi
So did my iPhone’s. that’s why I kept 3G off. Actually, the area didn’t even have 3G so I turned off the cell reception.

day nine. false advertising?
Laptop Batteries

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a brand-new spanking white keyboard and mouse.
okay, it’s not amazing and it’s only for the wireless computer, not my laptop. ;)

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How to charge your usb device like a smartphone using your laptop’s battery even if its off


How to charge your usb device like a smartphone using your laptop's battery even if its off

A quick tutorial explaining how you can charge your usb device such as a smartphone using your laptop, even if your laptop is powered off and or not plugged into the wall. Depending on the laptop, you may need to enable this feature in your BIOS. If you have the lighting bolt symbol next to the USB symbol and you plug a device into it while the laptop is off and it does not work, you need to boot into your BIOS settings and adjust the USB powering sharing (though it may be called differently depending on laptop). As with any BIOS settings, use at your own risk!

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Best Gaming Laptops and Notebooks: PowerPro R 12:17 Unboxing


SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL FOR WEEKLY GAMING CONTENT! To check out my actual review on the PowerPro R 12:17 use this link to the Geek Weekly Oct 1, 2011 show: Looking to game well, but not for 00 dollars? Well the PowerPro R 12:17 might be for you. Bought it with OS for ~ 00. Not bad. Enjoy this unboxing/review video. Sorry for the glare. * SORRY FOR THE MISTAKE, BUT THIS LAPTOP IS THE BAREBONE OF THE MSI 780DX NOT THE 780R. THANKS. Unfortunately our radio show, Geek Weekly, has been discontinued… but if you have the time, check out our podcasts and let us know what you thought! Dave, Jordan, and Westin make up the radio talk show Geek Weekly, a one hour video game and technology talk show. They cover video game previews, reviews, and what’s going on in the tech world and have a good time doing it! Here are the various links to the Geek Weekly pages: – To check out Geek Weekly on Facebook: – Link to Geek Weekly Podcasts: Here are the Specs: Display 17.3″ Full HD (1920×1080) MATTE LED backlit Widescreen LCD Video Graphics & Memory NVIDIA® GeForce®GTX 570M 192bit w/1.5GB GDDR5 Processor & Chipset Intel® Core™ i7-2630QM (2.0~2.9GHz, 45W) w/6M L3 Cache – 4 Cores – 8 Threads Standard Mobile Intel® HM67 Express Chipset Operating System Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64 bit Main Memory 8GB DDR3 1333MHz Hard Drive Dual Hard Drive Bays 750GB SATA II 3GB/s 7200 RPM RAID 0 Supported Optical Drive Combo Dual Layer SuperMulti DVDRW/CDRW

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Easily Monitor Your Laptop’s Battery! – Tekzilla Daily Tip


Keep getting caught off guard by a dead laptop battery? With BattCursor, your battery level is indicated directly in your cursor! Veronica has all the details on today’s Tekzilla Daily.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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PC Pitstop: Warning – Laptops Battery Fire

6 – pc pitstop – laptop battery fire

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Apple Laptop Batteries Hacked – Laptop’s battery useless


Apple Laptop Batteries Hacked – Laptop’s battery useless

Attackers could use a password weakness to render your laptop’s battery useless–or overcharge it to start a fire, researcher warns.

Attackers could turn your laptop’s battery into a useless brick, or worse, overcharge it to the point where it starts a fire.

That warning comes by way of security expert Charlie Miller, who said that he’s successfully reverse-engineered Apple laptop “smart batteries,” enabling him to reprogram their embedded controllers. Miller, who’s a researcher at consultancy Accuvant, plans to document his research at next month’s Black Hat conference in Las Vegas.

According to Miller’s Black Hat talk description, “being able to control the working smart battery and smart battery host may be enough to cause safety issues, such as overcharging or fire.” Notably, when the lithium-ion batteries used in laptops overheat, they can rupture, causing injuries.

On the other hand, well-manufactured batteries also include numerous safety features, such as the ability to shut down in the event of overheating, as well as circuit interrupters designed to prevent overcharging or undercharging.

In his forthcoming talk, Miller plans to will demonstrate how to modify the firmware used by Apple smart batteries, disable their anti-tampering checksum, and reprogram the battery firmware using “a simple API,” which he plans to release publicly. While Miller’s research focused on MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air laptops from Apple–with whom he’s already shared the results of his research–he suspects that Windows laptop batteries would be susceptible to firmware attacks.

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Miller reverse-engineered Apple’s battery firmware after the company issued a related firmware update in 2009. From there, he discovered the default password used to secure batteries, and from there, he learned how to read the values from that firmware and alter how the battery firmware interacts with the laptop. To date, Miller said he’s successfully bricked seven Mac laptops via battery firmware hacks.

Interestingly, however, reprogramming the battery firmware could also allow an attacker to introduce persistent malware into the laptop. “You could put a whole hard drive in, reinstall the software, flash the BIOS, and every time it would reattack,” Miller told “There would be no way to eradicate or detect it other than removing the battery.”

Despite the apparent threat vector, battery firmware offers essential functionality, providing giving users precise readings of a laptop’s remaining charge, operating time, and estimated recharge time, while also allowing the battery to control the voltage and current being provided by a charger.

But how feasible are attacks against battery firmware? Offering some perspective, Paul Ducklin, head of technology for Sophos in the Asia Pacific region, said in a blog post that when it comes to reprogramming controllers with field-updatable firmware, laptop batteries aren’t the only option. Indeed, an attacker could also target “the motherboard itself, your wireless card, your 3G modem, network card, graphics device, storage devices, and much more,” he said.

To address the Apple laptop battery firmware vulnerability, Miller plans to release a utility called “Caulkgun” that will allow Apple users to change their laptop battery passwords. On the upside, the utility would prevent an attacker from exploiting an Apple battery pack’s embedded controller. On the downside, it would block any Apple patches, performance enhancements, or security updates from updating the battery’s firmware, unless the user first restored the battery’s default password. – Großhändler und Distributor von hohe Qualität Dell Laptop Akkus, Dell Inspiron 1525 akku , Toshiba Laptop Akkus, HP Laptop Akkus, Hp Pavilion DV7 akku , Hp Pavilion DV2000 akku , Acer Laptop Akkus, Asus Laptop Akkus. Sony Laptop Akkus. HP Laptop AC adpaters. Alle Batterien und Laptop AC Adapters sind 1 Jahr Garantie und Customer Service Commitment!

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Find Out Your Laptops Battery Life! Battery Bar & Coconut Battery -MAC or PC


This tutorial shows you how to monitor and check your laptop or notebook’s Battery Wear, and the charge capacity left after months or years of use, and how much battery life is left using a free software called Battery Bar. It gives a full display of features such as Milliwatt Hours, percentage of use and run time. Windows: Battery Bar: MAC: Coconut Battery: FULL Story on reviving Battery Life: ————————- How I Make Money online-? ? ?FOLLOW Me on Twitter!: Website:

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Prolong Your Laptop’s Battery Life


Check out on how to take care of your laptop.

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LoJack for Laptops


LoJack for Laptops
Laptop Battery

Image by Thomas Hawk
I just purchased a three year subscription to LoJack for Laptops from

What is LoJack for Laptops?

LoJack for Laptops is software that is installed on your Mac or PC behind the scenes and can report in to Computrace LoJack it’s location most of the time if your PC is stolen.

According to LoJack for Laptops their service works like this: if your computer is stolen:

1. You file a police report and notify our Recovery Team.

2. When your stolen computer contacts our Monitoring Center, it is placed on high-alert and starts calling us every 15 minutes, allowing our Recovery Team to closely track your computer’s location.

3. Our Recovery Team provides law enforcement with tracking information and documentation essential for procuring search warrants and leading them to the location of your computer.

4. The police recover your computer and return it to you!

The company claims to recover 3 out of 4 stolen computers that use their service. The company says that their software is tamperproof and still stays on your computer even if the drive is reformatted or a new OS is installed.

So why did I pay to better protect my laptop?

Well for a couple of reasons.

First off I’ve had laptops stolen in the past. It really sucks. A lot of times what sucks even worse than the laptop theft are the files that are stolen with a laptop. Even more than this though is the sense of victimization that you feel when someone has stolen something from you. The satisfaction of knowing that someone who stole from me was caught and hopefully pays a legal price is probably worth more to me than even the value of the laptop itself.

Oftentimes someone who steals a laptop is likely involved in other crime and so it would also make me feel good if they caught them and other people got their stolen property back too.

Also I’m out and about quite a bit with my laptop. One of my main uses for my laptop is to offload photos that I take from my CF cards to the laptop’s hard drive. For this reason my laptop goes with me in my photo backpack every single day. Frequently I worry about walking around with so much expensive gear on me. Not only do I keep my laptop with me everywhere, but I keep my Canon 5D and 4 L Series lenses with me everywhere I go as well. There is a good chance that if someone stole my backpack and I could track the laptop that I might also be able to recover my camera, lenses, batteries and CF cards if they were stolen with it too.

I had my first Canon 5D stolen in the Bahamas two years ago and that really sucked too.

Chances are of course that your laptop will not be stolen. LoJack cites pretty high statistics though. They say 1/10 laptops are lost or stolen and 97% are never recovered. I think if you ask around you probably already know someone who has had one stolen before. For me, the cost of per year for a little extra piece of mind is well worth it.

Thanks, by the way, to Martin Taylor who tipped me off to LoJack for Laptops. I found out about this service when I posted a note on FriendFeed saying I’d pay 0 for a chip to track my laptop with GPS and he brought this service to my attention.

Laptop Battery

Image by noon3butm3
note the edge

For Ye Olde Rusty Laptops
Laptop Battery

Image by mendhak
After going through the Giant’s Cave tunnels, with your back bent and legs hunched for over 200 meters, you feel like you’re stepping back in time and doing what the ‘ancients’ did as they made their way to the chapel to worship.

And just as they did, you finally emerge on the cliff face, with the river Avon roaring below you, the immensity of the cliffs overpowering you and an ancient wall socket for all ye olde laptops beckoning you to recharge your batteries. And it was 9 feet off the ground; they must have been giants.

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Just changed me laptops battery to a 9 cell one.


Just changed me laptops battery to a 9 cell one.
Laptop Battery

Image by jadijadi

MacBook Pro battery
Laptop Battery

Image by DavidPitkin
My MacBook Pro that does get really really hot had its battery start to bulge out of the case!

Luckily Apple support is going to send me a new battery. They were not very helpful when I asked about the excessive heat from the laptop. He did tell me that the laptop was not to be put on your "lap" and should be a on a hard surface. I told him that it also gets extremely hot when it is in my bag and sleeping. In response to that he stopped just short of telling me not to put it to sleep. The fact that "it has an Intel chip in it and they get very hot" was also repeated over and over. Ugh.

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So much for my extra laptop battery
Laptop Battery

Image by dolapo

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