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Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

Laptop Battery
by cote

Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

I never give the battery in my laptop much thought. I charge it when I need to and forget about it. That changed a couple of weeks ago when I couldn’t get to the Web at home, and was reduced to working at an Internet café. Since there’s lots of competition for seats with power outlets here in blogger-heavy San Francisco, I made sure my laptop was charged before I left the house. HP laptop batteries

Ten minutes of use and my PC shut down. It was out of power. I charged it again, same thing happened. Yes, the battery was DOA. Humble as a battery may be, you won’t get much work done without a good one. ibm laptop battery

After shelling out for a new one, I asked around and found a battery expert who has some solid tips on how to give laptop batteries a long and energy-rich life.

1. Keep the Laptop Off Your Lap

“Batteries like to be at room temperature, and I don’t mean like a room in the tropics,” says John Wozniak, a distinguished technologist for Hewlett-Packard. battery for sony laptop

Although most of us call our portable PCs laptops, today’s high-performance notebooks aren’t designed to sit on your lap. Sure, they get warm and you may start to feel uncomfortable after a while, but that’s not the point. Most laptops have little legs on the bottom, designed to let a bit of air flow underneath. When you’re working on a hard surface, like a desk, there’s no problem, but when the notebook sits on your lap, it sinks down a bit and air can’t circulate.

That can become a real issue rather quickly if you’re watching a movie, since playing a DVD keeps both the CPU and the graphics chips busy and running fairly warm. You can avoid the problem by working on the folding tray if you’re flying, or spending or so on a pad stiff enough to give the laptop a bit of clearance.

Keeping the vents on your laptop clean does a lot to keep heat from building up. A simple, but effective method is to buy a can of compressed air from any computer shop or hardware store and blow out the dust.

2. A Little Unplugging Helps

Not so long ago, most laptop batteries were NiCads, that is, nickel cadmium based. That design had a fairly major flaw: if the battery was consistently charged before running most of the way down, it would no longer take a full charge, no matter how long it was plugged in. That was called battery memory, and the solution was to drain them every now and then and be sure they got a full charge.

Today’s lithium ion batteries don’t have that problem, so don’t worry about recharging before the power gauge is hovering near empty, says Wozniak.

However, leaving them plugged in all the time isn’t a good idea either, although it’s tempting. In effect, the battery gives the user an uninterruptible power supply, so if you expect the electricity to go off unexpectedly, it makes sense to keep the battery in place when the machine is plugged in.

But do that too much, and your battery will degrade. So remove it if you don’t plan to work unplugged for an extended period of time. The best way to store a lithium ion battery is to let it drop to about 60 percent of its charge and be sure you keep it in a reasonably cool place, he says.

3. Understand the Specs

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Remember, battery technology doesn’t follow Moore’s Law. Having covered the technology industry for quite a while now, I’ve heard many promises that a real breakthrough in battery technology was coming. Well, it hasn’t–and Wozniak says he doesn’t see one on the horizon.

That’s not to say batteries haven’t improved; they have, with gains of about 6 percent to 8 percent per year, he adds.

Generally speaking, more cells per battery mean more power, but that doesn’t mean a 12-cell battery will give you 33 percent more running time than a nine-call battery. For example, a 9-cell battery rated 3.0 amp hours has just about the same energy as a 12-cell battery rated at 2.2 amp hours.

Rather than do the math, it’s simpler to check the specs and compare the number of watts, an easier number to find. As you’d guess, the actual run time a battery will yield is dependant on what the notebook is doing. Applications like video use a lot more juice than writing or surfing the Web, of course.

No electronics product will last forever, but treated well, your battery hang in there for at least two or three years.

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Question of the Week: How long does your CCI laptop battery last?


Question of the Week: How long does your CCI laptop battery last?

For some UNC students, their college careers will last longer than the lifespan of the batteries in their CCI computers.

Freshmen said their computers’ battery lives last between four and five hours.

“I’m pretty good at making my battery last throughout the day,” said freshman Allison Farmer. “I try to let the battery get pretty low before I charge it, and I don’t leave it plugged in once it reaches 100%.”

UNC’s IT Help and Support website links to the site of CCI manufacturer Lenovo. That page inlcudes tips for extending battery life by utilizing power-saving modes such as hibernation and standby or decreasing LCD brightness. By the time students reach their junior year, CCI laptop battery life seems to decrease.

“My laptop only takes two hours to die,” said junior Tiffany Williamson. “It always seems to die at the most inconvenient times – usually when I’m about to use it for class or homework.”

Another junior had an optimistic view of his computer’s untimely death.

“I think it’s kind of a good thing that I don’t take my laptop to class anymore,” said junior Zach Alexander. “I feel like I pay more attention when I write my notes. The internet is just too intoxicating.”

One senior seemed to suffer worst of all.

“I almost had to buy an expensive replacement battery, but then my laptop was stolen,” said senior Kevin Barnett. “Instead, I got a whole new one.”

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How Long Can A New Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop Battery Last?


How Long Can A New Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop Battery Last?

There are always some consumers asking how long on earth their new dell inspiron 1525 laptop batteries can last. Actually, this is really a difficult question to answer, because there are many factors that can affect the dell inspiron 1525 battery run-time. In other word, the laptop battery run-time mainly depends on the power demands required by the laptop components. For example, the display, the hard drive and related accessories which can result in extra power depletion. Besides, the laptop design and the hardware plugged also play an role in reducing the battery run-time. Usually, Laptops and other small electronic devices share smaller and lighter batteries and are rated by their Volts and Ampers or Miliamperes (1 Ampere or Ah is equivalent to 1000 Milliampere or mAh). To learn the run-time of a battery or its Watt-Hours, the Volts and Amps are multiplied by one another. Generally, the higher the volts the longer the Watt-Hours, but this can still vary depending on the Amps. To calculate your inspiron 1525 battery runtime, you may take look at the formula below.

 11.1 Volts, 6600 mAh (6.6 Amperes)

 11.1 x 6.6 = 73.26 Watt-Hours

 A 11.1 volt 6600 mAh laptop battery can provide approximately 73.26 watts for one hour. If you want to calculate how long your battery will last, you may directly divide the 73.26 Watt-Hours by your laptop’s watts. For example, if your laptop requires 21.2 watts per hour, your laptop will probably power for 3.46 hours. (73.26 battery watts/21.2 laptop watts = 3.46 hours of estimated runtime). Actually, this is just an formula and sometimes the run-time may vary depending on the components or any hardware running on the laptop.

Your laptop watt hour information can usually found in the user manual. Please bear in mind that the watt information does not include the use the additional installed programs, hardware or software. If you open other additional software or hardware, no doubt the runtime of your dell laptop battery will be reduced. In addition, wifi, video streaming or play games will also use up the battery power very fast. If you do some simple office work such as Word or Excels, the run-time will probably last longer.


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7 ways to make your laptop battery last longer


7 ways to make your laptop battery last longer

7 ways to make your laptop battery last longer

With the latest portable PCs, working on the move has never been easier, but laptops are still slaves to the National Grid.

Replacement Laptop Batteries

You can do practically anything on a modern laptop, but their advanced features drain battery life to the extent that you can only get a couple of hours out of your laptop before it turns up its toes.

While battery life is a chief cause of mobile moans, it’s possible to get significant improvements by simple good practice and a few software tweaks. To help you get the most from your laptop battery, here are seven easy ways to make it last longer.

1. Dim your screen

The screen is one of the most power-hungry parts of the laptop. It takes serious amounts of battery power to keep your display looking clear and bright. Saving this power is simply a question of turning the brightness down. The screen brightness button is usually located as a second function of one of the F keys, and is represented by a little sun symbol with up and down icons. To use it, just hold down the correct function key and then choose up or down.

2. Change power settings

Windows Vista comes with some great power features, which enable you to eke out the best performance when you’re plugged into the mains, and optimise battery life when on the move. Type power options into the Start Search box and choose Power saver from the list. The Windows Mobility Center has more methods for saving battery life. These include settings for powering off the monitor and kicking into sleep mode more quickly.

3. Switch off Wi-Fi

One of the biggest battery sappers is the wireless networking capabilities built into most laptops. Wi-Fi drains the battery by constantly drawing power from the battery and, when not connected, looking for networks. When you’re using your laptop away from the grid, the likelihood is you’re away from wireless networks, so you can turn this device off. Many laptops have a function button that enables you to turn off the wireless adaptor manually to save yourself the unnecessary waste, but older laptops often don’t have this. If this is the case, just go to the Control Panel, access the Network Connections menu and disable your wireless connection manually.

4. Turn off peripherals

Using USB peripherals can put a big drain on your system, because your motherboard has to power them, so unplugging everything saves juice. USB sticks, mice and webcams are common offenders, so copy all your information across and eject your devices as soon as possible, and put up with laptop track pads over your USB mouse. Many laptops have function buttons to turn off the built-in webcam, which drains the battery if given the chance.

5. Eject your disc drives

Having a disc spinning in the drive is a huge drain on resources, and many programs constantly do this. Simply eject your discs before you switch to battery power to gain vital extra minutes from your working day.

6. Invest in some hardware

Good practice can go some way to extending your battery life, but if you need to use your laptop throughout your working day, you’re going to need some help. Most laptops come with a six-cell battery, but many manufacturers offer eight- or even 12-cell optional upgrades, which can double your power. The alternative to expensive laptop batteries are products such as the Philips Portable Power Pack, which gives you valuable extra hours for all your devices. The Philips is a compact battery unit that has adaptors for most laptops and mobile phones, which is portable enough to be placed in a bag and has enough capacity to double the length of your charge.

7. Disable features

Windows Vista has some handy built-in features, but many put demands on your system that are unnecessary when working on the move. Take the simple measure of turning off Windows Aero and the Windows Sidebar when you’re on the move to make your laptop more efficient.

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How Long Will My New Laptop Battery Last?

laptop battery
by n3rraD

How Long Will My New Laptop Battery Last?

This is difficult to determine. Actual laptop battery running time depends upon the power demands made by the equipment. The use of the monitor, the hard drive and other accessories result in additional drain upon the battery, effectively reducing its running time. The total running time of the battery is also dependent upon the design of the equipment. Generally, a new battery will run at least as long (and usually longer) as your old battery did when it was new.

BatteryFuel’s Laptop batteries have two main ratings on them: Volts and Amperes. Because size and weight of laptop batteries is limited when compared to larger batteries such as car batteries, most companies show their ratings with Volts and Milliamperes. One thousand Milliamperes equals 1 Ampere. When buying a battery, select batteries with the most Milliamperes (or mAh). Batteries are also rated by Watt-Hours, perhaps the simplest rating of all. This is found by multiplying the Volts and the Amperes together. For example:

14.4 Volts, 4000mAh (Note: 4000mAh is equal to 4.0 Amperes). 14.4 x 4.0 = 57.60 Watt-Hours Watt-Hours signifies the energy needed to power one watt for one hour. This laptop battery can power 57.60 watts for one hour. If your laptop runs at 20.50 watts, as an example, this laptop battery could power your laptop for 2.8 hours. (57.60 battery watts/20.50 laptop watts = 2.8 hours or runtime)

You can find your laptop’s watt hour usage in the user or specification’s manual. Some laptop manuals will give more than one watt hour specification based on running the already installed OS by itself and or with one other program open as in the laptop’s word processor. Once you open up other programs and start adding pheriphials, the run time will be reduced. Please keep in mind that WiFi, Gaming and Video Streaming will eat up your battery power very fast and the laptops watt hour use does not include these activities.

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