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Tips for longer battery life: laptop


A few tips on how to increase your videos battery life in windows 7. [All products seen in this video are products owned by their respective creators and not…

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Increase Your Laptop’s Battery Life – Simple


Increase Your Laptop's Battery Life - Simple

In this video from GreenLightPC, simple ways of increase the battery life of your laptop for free. GreenLightPC is a channel which aims to provide easy to fo…

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How to Extend Battery Life in Your Laptop.flv


How to extend the battery life in your laptop Read More: Tips For Extended Your Laptop’s Battery Life –…
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Double Your Battery Life With The NuCharge


Today we’re checking out the NuCharge iPhone 5 Battery Pack & Case by iKit. It’s currently on Kickstarter but is slated to start shipping in early April! So …
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How to Lengthen the Life of Your IBM ThinkPad Laptop Battery


How to Lengthen the Life of Your IBM ThinkPad Laptop Battery

IBM ThinkPad laptop computer owners love the fact that their notebooks give them the freedom of movement while they are using them. However, it is frustrating when you may be on a plane or in a car and you have nowhere to plug in your charger. The freedom of having a laptop suddenly ends when you have no power.

The only way you have of getting that freedom back is to charge it when you are able to get to an outlet. On the other hand, if you could just improve the life of your notebook battery this problem will not come around too often. Here are several ways to make sure you do not run your battery down sooner than you have to.

Put your screen settings on low.

Most laptop computers have the ability for you to dim the screen. Some notebooks will even let you change CPU and cooling system properties. If you can, put all of features things on their lowest settings.

Add another RAM stick or two if possible.

Having more RAM will allow you to process more on your computer without using virtual memory. Virtual memory will result in the use of your hard drive and can be much less power efficient. Adding ram will also take more energy, so whenever possible, try not to run programs that need a lot of RAM.

Defrag your computer often.

If your hard drive can do what it needs to quickly there will be less demand on it and therefore less demand on your battery. The best way to make sure you hard drive is working as quickly as it can is to defrag regularly and make sure that while you are defragging that your computer is plugged in.

Shutdown all programs that are running in the background.

To run at maximum efficiency you should make sure that you are not running any background programs like iTunes, windows media player or messenger. Try not to run anything that is not absolutely crucial to the project at hand.

Try not to use your CD or DVD player whenever possible.

Running a disk will take more power. You should try to work off your hard drive instead of putting in a program. However, we all know that many programs will not run without a disk, therefore this cannot be avoided sometimes.

Do not always run your laptop while it is plugged in.

You should exercise your battery by running only on it at least once every couple of weeks. Also, if you have a newer computer with a newer type battery you should never let it go completely dead, doing this is best for older batteries that have memory problems.

Use the hibernate option instead of the stand by option when the computer is not in use.

By putting your computer on standby you will still be losing battery but in hibernate mode the computer will save its current state and shut down.

These are just a few of the many power saving tips available for your IBM ThinkPad laptop computer. You can search online and find many more that are just as great as the ones that are listed above. We all know that some people cannot use all of the power saving tips but they can do some. Every little bit helps when trying to save your battery power for as long as possible.

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Cross-section of life


Cross-section of life
Laptop Battery

Image by PapillonUK
Accumulation of kipple on my window ledge – end of 2003. Oh yes, i’ve given this a "Sex" tag, just to see if it ups the views. After that, i’ll try "naked virgins" or something ;-)
I’ll let you know if this ploy works.

…No, nothing doing yet…

Science and technology looks for ways to provide safe drinking water and natural energy
Laptop Battery

Image by US Army Africa
U.S. Army Africa Science Advisor, Hassan Azzam demonstrates a rucksack battery recharging system to a group of African partner soldiers at the Singo Peace Support Training Center in Uganda. This system has variety of battery recharging attachments for use with laptop computers, cell phones and digital cameras. (U.S. Army Africa photo)

To learn more about U.S. Army Africa visit our official website at

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Give your electronics a Second Life


Give your electronics a Second Life
Computer Batteries

Image by City of Edmonton
If it has a battery or a cord, bring it to an Eco Station. Electronics and computers are accepted at no charge, and are taken to the Edmonton Waste Management Centre to be processed for recycling.

Casio QV-11
Computer Batteries

Image by elston
This box caught my eye when one of the guys from the computer department was showing me how to do some of their web work.

I had to take a picture of it; not only is it already a relic of the digital age, the box features the World Trade Center towers.

The resolution is .26 megabytes. The output, according to the spec page is 320×240 dots. What would you even do with that? There’s no place for a memory stick, it just has 2 MB of internal flash memory. The swivel lens is pretty cool though.

It takes four AA batteries, and when you shake it, it makes a vicious rattle, so I don’t think I’ll be shooting with it any time soon.

Oh, and for a major laugh, check out the battery pack this guy rigged up for his. Be sure to scroll down and see how he wears it on his belt. Now imagine him running through an airport with his camera.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks (Episode 4: Get Better Battery Life, Best Charging Practices)


Do you know if you’re doing the best charge on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 battery? There are better ways to charge a battery so that you get the longest battery life when you are away from home. I also discuss recommended practices to follow so that your battery stays healthy and charging at full capacity throughout the life of the device. Disclaimer: Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks is a fan inspired video series and has no affiliations with the Samsung Group.

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Trojan Tips 7 – Understanding Battery Capacity & Life Expectations


Learn more about battery capacity ratings, tips on achieving maximum capacity, the signs of aging batteries, and how depth of discharge measurements relate to overall battery life.

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Top 10 HTC Desire Battery Life Increasing Tips [HD]


Here are my top 10 tips on making sure your HTC Desire/Nexus One battery lasts as long as possible. I can easily get a day and a half out of my Desire when applying these tips so hopefully you will be able to as well! Please comment or ask any questions below and please don’t forget to subscribe! 1) Use the Power Control Widget – the gives you quick access to all the power-draining features of your phone and allows you to turn them on and off at the press of a button. 2) Mobile Data Widget – Add this to one of your screens to enable you to turn the phone’s network data connection on and off. Keeping it off will drastically increase the life of your battery. Only turn it on if you are out of WiFi range and need to send/receive some data. Turning Mobile Data off does not effect being able to send/receive calls/texts. 3) On the Android Market, search for “2G 3G”. This free little widget allows you to jump to one of the settings screens on your phone with one click. From this place you can set your phone to work in just “2G” mode which increases the life of your battery. 4) Brightness – one of the obvious ones. The brighter your screen, the quicker your battery drains. You can use the Power Control widget to quickly switch between Low, Medium and High brightness levels. Keep it on Low to be most efficient. Medium is fine if you know you’ll be reunited with your charger at the end of the day and only use High brightness in very sunny places. 5) Live Wallpapers – As pretty as
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