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Re-Understand Notebook Lithium Battery Maintenance

Notebook Battery
by BKbral

Re-Understand Notebook Lithium Battery Maintenance

Li-ion batteries in a life cycle in general can be 300 to 500 times charge-discharge. So many people think that, as long as using less battery, so that you can to a certain extent, played a role in extending battery life. But they did ignore the originalthat the physical nature of the end when the battery off the assembly line, it’s internal life, the clock will then start walking.

So even if you do not set aside the battery, lithiumlife was only two to three years you can come to an end of. Battery capacity caused by reasons for the decline was due to oxidation caused by the battery internal resistance increases. When the electrolytic cell resistance reaches a certain point, although this time the battery still be full of electricity, but the battery of  dell inspiron 6400 battery has been unable to release the stored electricity.

Caused by lithiumis the speed of this aging temperature and set aside when the charge state of preservation decision.

I will give a table to illustrate the different situations of these two factors, the impact on the battery capacity.

Can be seen from the table, high charge state and the high temperature accelerated the decline inapacity. Therefore, if possible, as far as possible, after the battery charge to 40% placed in a cool place to save. This allows the preservation of a long period, the battery protection circuit is in its working state. And if the battery is fully charged, will be placed at high temperatures, which will cause great damage to the battery, the table has also been seen, charge 100% in the 60 ° C environmental conservation, 3 months after the battery capacity fell by 40% .

Therefore, how to save the battery solved the issue, but also leads to another focus of everyone has been argued, that is when we use a fixed power supply when there is a need to remove the Apple A1189 battery? Before the resolution of this question let us first analyze the use of fixed power supply when the battery placed in a computer battery environment in which … … at this time due to charge notebook battery computer battery role in protection circuit, so that the battery remained at 100% of full power state, and this When the battery in which the ambient temperature between 25-30 ° C, at least, if the hot weather, this temperature will be higher, then from the table, you should be very natural to come to a conclusion that it is so to do this would actually damage the

But despite the use of laptop computer battery, high-temperature will bring damage to the battery.

But Qudiao battery, use only a fixed supply, there will still some danger that dust and moisture will cause some damage to the battery, while the use of notebook battery computer battery in order to avoid a sudden power notebook battery computer battery may cause damage, so Manufacturers generally warn users not to remove the battery. Of course, this result will be naturally imagined, your battery as often in such a relatively poor environment, it will not be long over, and then you will need to go to repair center to replace the battery, this way, the benefit of course, is a manufacturer.

Finally we spotlight a lithium battery that is exactly how a reasonable charge and discharge this issue. For the lithium battery is best for partial discharge, rather than fully discharged, and to as much as possible to avoid frequent full discharges. Regular Apple A1185 battery too low discharge of the result can only be scrapped so that the battery in advance, because if the battery into every cell of 2.5 volts below the battery’s internal safety circuitry will be switched on, this time the battery will become some bad spent. Therefore, in order to avoid such situations from occurring, do not save the battery power before its release was erased, but rather a number of electric charge in the store before, and again before the first fully charged.

All in all, in order not to make your premature loss of the role of the battery, then the use of normal, you should try to comply with the following principles:

A. avoid full discharge, and often for lithium batteries. The repeated arbitrarily rechargeable lithiumbattery damage is very small, almost negligible.

B. will need to keep hold of lithium batteries placed in the shade, remember not to put in the refrigerator. Avoid placing hot car, such as a long time to save the battery charge to 40% in place.

C. most of the time if you are using a fixed power supply, please remove the batteries placed in the shade.

D. no need to purchase spare lithium batteries for storage, so this piece is actually a waste  battery.

Battery is brought to use, as long as the attention to rational use and preservation methods, there is no need to care for their excessive, making it possible for its owners contribute more to performance is the most important.

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lithium laptop battery batteries made false warning


lithium laptop battery batteries made false warning

Article by john – laptop battery

lithium laptop battery batteries made false warning – Computer batteriess – Hardware

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Sony Corporation of Japan on the use of lithium Laptop Batteries made false warning

Nikon Corporation of Japan following the December 5, 2003 on the use of counterfeit lithium-ion battery warning after a few days ago Sony also to use Sony digital cameras and digital camera users do not use fake battery warning.

In fact, as early as this year’s July 25, Sony Corporation on the adoption of “Chinese consumers are reportedly” released “to Sony digital video camera, digital camera user’s notice,” but as a result of the counterfeit market, Sony batteries, but also significant increasing trend in the price of regular malls sold fake goods with a genuine Sony battery prices the same, and in the digital distribution market, the price of mobile phone batteries than really low price. The reason is the price of counterfeit lithium-ion battery is very low, only genuine equivalent of a fraction of the original battery, the pockets of the drum is not the consumer, to buy a digital camera has spent much of the of silver, and then pieces of original equipment batteries to buy…… silver is not well-off you! So many people have to buy the counterfeit batteries and, of course, some consumers are being cheated JS, spend the money to have bought the fake and shoddy products.

Recently, Sony found that the appearance of the Chinese market is very close to the original rechargeable battery counterfeit products, from the appearance of authenticity, it is difficult to determine. These counterfeit goods, some do not have the power to ensure a long period of time when nec batteriesessary to meet the quality standards of the protection device, the use of such a battery, it may lead to an accident or breakdown. Sony in February 2003 ~ April in a short period of 3 months, it has been confirmed in China and Malaysia, 3 from the fire incident of counterfeit batteries. Up to now, to East Asia as the center of the investigation has found more than 5,000 counterfeit Sony lithium battery products.

Tiger went to find a few original battery Sony photo to everyone, “appreciation”, I hope you can be trained before buying a pair of “eyes” to see through the fake one; Of course, if you did not so deep “skill “, it is recommended that before you purchase, if want to buy the Sony batteries have questions, you can call Sony toll-free number 800 810 2228 for consultation, if the need to further confirm the authenticity of the batteries, you can contact the nearest Sony Home Appliances special service station products, some experts do not help the.

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Laptop batteries Accessories – Discount Laptop batteries Batteries, Laptop batteries Keyboards, Laptop batteries AC Adapter, LCD Screen Panel

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

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LFP 180 Portable Lithium Battery Power System


www.PortableSolarPower.Biz Pictured is a pair of 12 volt LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) portable battery power packs that can be used to store and deliver power anywhere and anytime power is needed to power electric equipment. A DC to AC inverter can also be used with the portable battery modules to turn the 12v battery power into 120v or 240v AC power up to 2000W. Let us know what your needs are and we can help provide quality inverter upon request. The LiFePo4 / LFP / Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries provide superior performance when compared to the old Deep Cycle Lead Acid Batteries or AGM batteries because they are 60% lighter in weight which drastically reduces the weight of the LFP 180 Battery Modules. The LFP 180 battery module weighs 75 pounds as you see it pictured here. A comparable Deep Cycle battery of the same capacity weighs in at about 160 pounds for just the battery alone. The LFP 180 battery module can be moved and rolled around on its wheels easily by most average sized people.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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GM volt Lithium battery – Crush test with A123 vs LG Chem


After watching many crush test about lithium cells for EV, i decided to do my own test when i saw that Backhoe-Loaders in my street. I asked the guy and e accepted… for the science…. In this video you can se two different cells having torture when crushed with this 10 tons loader. The A123 is a lithium ironphosphate.. one of the best lithium cells on the market, and an 2 LG Chem lithium cobalt cells found in many laptop computer. The A123 measured 3.32V and the LG Chem shown 3.9V befor ethe test. The A123 was the first choice for the GM volt until LG chem had the contract. The Cobalt LG chem cell have 2200mAh and the A123 Ironphosphate have 2300mAh. When i did that test i attempted to see a big fire, flames and smoke and pop on the LG Chem cells… and nothing on the A123.. or maybe just some smoke… Finally that turned out differently !! For more info on the LIthium cells tests for electric bike, moto and car, bisit this adress:

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Lipo lipoly lithium Battery Discharge Test


Testing the EFuel Hobbies battery against an Impulse. The EFuel is almost half the price and performed as well if not better than the Impulse!!!

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What You Should Know about Lithium Ion Laptop Battery


What You Should Know about Lithium Ion Laptop Battery

The greatest advantage of owning a laptop is its unmatched portability. The battery power is a decisive factor to determine how long you could use your laptop in the place where electricity is unavailable. The most common-used laptop batteries today are Lithium Ion batteries.

Traditional rechargeable batteries might have “memory effect” that does not apply to Lithium Ion. The effect is also used to explain once there is any battery doesn’t work for us at its full capacity. In order to overcome this, people charge this laptop battery in certain ways to avoid or fix. Lithium Ion batteries’ poor performance is usually caused by mishandling or age.

Quite a few of us like to fully discharge a laptop battery before we recharge it. This is wrong. Lithium Ion laptop batteries have limited amount of charge cycles – a fully discharge will shorten its serving life span.

How to make your laptop battery pack have longer life span?

The charge cycles of Lithium Ion batteries are from 300 to 600, which could be used from 2 to 4 years. For taking advantage of your laptop battery optimally, the following things you should notice:

* If you don’t need the laptop to finish a task, don’t forget to enable the power saving feature while you use your laptop on battery power.

* Calibrate your battery with a full discharge every 30 charges for keeping its fuel gauge’s accuracy. Before recharging, set your setting to the automatic cut-off point.

* Disconnect the battery when you use AC power. If the two used at the same time, the internal temperature of the battery rises, thus the aging process of your battery accelerate.

* For battery not use for a long time, make sure that it has about 40% charge level and store in a cool dry place. Lower temperature slows down aging process of laptop battery.

* If you like to use battery to run your laptop, charge it as often as possible.

* If the outside temperature is high, don’t leave your laptop or battery in your car. Higher temperature shortens the life of your battery.

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Used Lithium Ion LapTop Battery Buying Tips


Used Lithium Ion LapTop Battery Buying Tips

Used Lithium Ion LapTop Battery Buying Tips

This guide will explain the basics of Lithium Ion battery technology and the  battery, criteria that should be considered when purchasing a used battery for your laptop computer. The basic information regarding Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries is the same for all laptop computers. Buying a used laptop battery can be a great bargain or a terrific waste of money. Take a few moments to educate yourself on Lithium Ion batteries and the information that should be in a battery listing before purchasing a used battery.

Lithium Ion batteries have become the preferred power source for most current laptop batteries. Older laptops used NiCad batteries, and more recently laptops have used NiMH batteries. This guide will primarily discuss Li-Ion batteries because they are the predominant  battery technology for current generation laptop computers.

Li-Ion batteries combine the best qualities of alkaline batteries with the best qualities of rechargeable batteries. Li-ion batteries provide constant voltage during discharge and do not suffer from the memory effect that plague Ni-Cd batteries. Li-ion batteries also provide the highest available energy density of any available battery technology (i.e. provides more power per ounce as compared to NiMH or NiCad) Li-Ion batteries also have a low self-discharge rate (about 5% per month) compared to Nickel Metal Hydride (about 30% per month) or Ni-Cd (about 20% per month). A little known characteristic of Li-Ion battery technology is that Li-Ion batteries lose approximately 15% usable dell Inspiron 4000 battery, capacity each year (depends upon storage temperature). Because of their characteristics, Lithium Ion batteries can operate for between 300-500 cycles and last for about 5 years from the manufacture date.

Many Li-Ion batteries have a set of built in LEDs to determine battery charge status. Just push the button and you can readily determine the charge state of the battery. The LEDs DO NOT provide any information regarding the health (or capacity) of the battery. It only indicates the battery’s charge state. If the battery only holds a 360 mAH charge, all the lights will illuminate, but the battery only may only have 10% of it’s original capacity.

An average laptop battery operating time is a tricky number to accurately quantify. Battery operating time is dell Inspiron 4100 battery dependent upon power settings selected by each individual user and the processor speed. A battery that operates for 2 hours on one laptop with maximum energy saving options selected (e.g. dim screen, reduced processor speed, disk spin down, etc.) may only operate for 1 hour on the same laptop with no energy saving features selected.

A simple test that I use for determining battery capacity is to play a DVD. This is the most energy intensive test that you can perform on your laptop. I usually set up this test with all energy saving features disabled (disk spin down = off, full bright display, processor performance = highest, no sleep, etc.) This provides the worst case scenario. Normal operating conditions will usually be better than my test conditions. I would rather have a customer get a battery that was tested to operate for 90 minutes and actually operates for 2 hours (under normal conditions), than for the customer to get a battery that only operates for 1 hour.

Here’s What You Should Consider Before battery Purchasing a Used Battery:

Li-Ion batteries have a 300 to 500 cycle lifetime. Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.3 and on) allows you to monitor the number of cycles on a battery using the System Profiler. I assume there is a similar capability in Windows or some shareware that is readily available. Try to avoid a used battery that has a very high number of cycles on it. A new battery should be able to play a DVD for over 2 and a half hours. A good used battery should be able to play a DVD for at least an hour and a half. A used battery that plays a DVD for about an hour and a half will probably operate for over 2 hours under “normal” operating conditions (this is just an educated guess based upon my experience). Li-Ion batteries tend to lose about 15% capacity each year, depending upon storage conditions. Try to avoid purchasing a battery that is more than 5 years old. Be cautious if you’re considering a battery where the listing doesn’t provide any test data. It’s a simple matter to test the battery dell Latitude CPX battery, and provide operating conditions and run time in the listing. Be cautious when a battery listing makes claims like “holds full charge” or “all 4 lights illuminate” . As I stated above, this means virtually nothing regarding the health of the battery.

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Lithium Polymer Battery Explosion’s (liposack)


A demonstration of lithium polymer batteries and how violent they are when charging goes wrong. The sack used is a liposack specifically used to hold the batteries during charge to keep people from harm. Their website is
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Discount Lithium Laptop Battery


Discount Lithium Laptop Battery supply large of high capacity Lithium Laptop Battery, all the Lithium Laptop Battery are high quality, fast shipping, lower price, 15 Days Money Back, brand new with 1 year warranty! Save time, Local store!

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Lithium Laptop Battery Tips

Achieve Maximum Laptop Battery Performance on the Road
Lithium Laptop batteries are crucial when working on the road. To get maximum performance from your laptop battery, fully optimize the laptop’s power management features prior to use. However, there is a trade off when setting your laptop power management. You will achieve better power conservation in exchange for lesser computing performance. The power management system conserves the Lithium laptop battery power by setting the processor to run at a slower speed, dimming the laptop screen, slowing down the hard drive when it’s not in use and causing the machine to go into sleep or suspend mode when it is inactive. Your laptop user’s guide will provide information relating to specific power management features.

Increase your Laptop Battery Life
Did you know that detaching your main Lithium laptop battery from your laptop would increase your laptop’s battery life up to 75%? Our experience and testing have shown that even when you are plugged in with your laptop ac adapter and your battery is fully charged, the laptop will still use the laptop battery resources in small increments. This will put unnecessary charge cycles to your battery. Since typical Lithium laptop batteries have 375 charge cycles, having a fully charged battery inserted will put unnecessary charge cycles. The downside to removing your Lithium laptop battery maybe a loss of power when the ac adapter is accidentally unplugged or when there is a power outage.

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Laptop Battery Repair / Rebuild : Lithium Ion Cells 18650


Instructable : Dell Laptop battery pack repair. How to replace laptop 18650 lithium ion cells. Save approx. with this rebuild
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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