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Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Superman!


Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Superman!
Computer Batteries

Image by Ed Yourdon
Note: this photo was published in a Mar 23, 2010 "Papa Online" blog titled "Nützliche Informationen für die Unterstützung von Babysitter, Tagesmutter & Co." It was also published in a Mar 24, 2010 MatadorLife blog titled "Photo Essay: People Watching in Verdi Square, New York City." And it was published in a Jul 11, 2010 blog titled "Wie finde ich eine gute Tagesmutter?" It was also published in an Aug 22, 2010 blog titled "Babysitters and Trusting Others." And it was published in an Oct 19, 2010 blog titled "Isabella and Jayden are the Most Popular Baby Names in New York City." It was also published in a Dec 16, 2010 blog titled "Una tribu para criar a un niño."

Moving into 2011, the photo was published in a Jan 14, 2011 "To Have a Baby" blog, with the same title and detailed notes as what I had written here on this Flickr page. It was also published in a Jun 30, 2011 Schöne Computer Unterstutzung blog as well as a Jul 27, 2011 blog titled "Tolle It Unterstützung Bilder, both with the same caption and detailed notes that I had written on this Flickr page.

Moving into 2012, the photo was published in a Jan 4, 2012 blog titled "Caut babysitter de calitate, ofer recompens?." It was also published in a Mar 11, 2012 blog titled "How Much Money Do You Need To Raise 2 Kids In Manhattan?" And it was published in a Mar 20, 2012 blog titled "Nannies For New York’s Super Rich Are Earning More Than 0,000 A Year." It was also published in a Jul 10, 2012 blog titled "Your Babysitter Checklist," as well as a Sep 7, 2012 blog titled "Give Me a Break! A New Parents’ Guide to Babysitters." And it was published in a Sep 18, 2012 blog titled "Au Pair Abroad: 4 Stories of Travel and Cultural Immersion."

Moving into 2013, the photo was published in an Apr 6, 2013 blog titled "Hiring A Nanny In New York City Is A Full-Time Job." It was also published in an undated (early Jun 2013) blog titled "13 Free Things to Do with Kids in NYC." And it was published in a Jul 21, 2013 blog titled "How To Find ChildCare."


This, like several other pictures throughout this album, was taken in Verdi Square – tiny little park bounded by Broadway on the west, Amsterdam Ave on the east, and 72/73rd street on the north/south.

As noted in a previous picture, the young woman who was supervising this young boy and his brother plunked herself down on an unoccupied stone bench, and tossed out a couple of crumbled-up crackers to attract some of the nearby pigeons. The pigeons did indeed flock around, which the curly-haired blond boy thought quite entertaining… at one point, he gestured to the babysitter so she could see the pigeons that were in mid-flight…


This is part of an evolving photo-project, which will probably continue throughout the summer of 2008, and perhaps beyond: a random collection of "interesting" people in a broad stretch of the Upper West Side of Manhattan — between 72nd Street and 104th Street, especially along Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue.

I don’t like to intrude on people’s privacy, so I normally use a telephoto lens in order to photograph them while they’re still 50-100 feet away from me; but that means I have to continue focusing my attention on the people and activities half a block away, rather than on what’s right in front of me.

I’ve also learned that, in many cases, the opportunities for an interesting picture are very fleeting — literally a matter of a couple of seconds, before the person(s) in question move on, turn away, or stop doing whatever was interesting. So I’ve learned to keep the camera switched on (which contradicts my traditional urge to conserve battery power), and not worry so much about zooming in for a perfectly-framed picture … after all, once the digital image is uploaded to my computer, it’s pretty trivial to crop out the parts unrelated to the main subject.

For the most part, I’ve deliberately avoided photographing bums, drunks, drunks, and crazy people. There are a few of them around, and they would certainly create some dramatic pictures; but they generally don’t want to be photographed, and I don’t want to feel like I’m taking advantage of them. I’m still looking for opportunities to take some "sympathetic" pictures of such people, which might inspire others to reach out and help them. We’ll see how it goes …

The only other thing I’ve noticed, thus far, is that while there are lots of interesting people to photograph, there are far, far, far more people who are not so interesting. They’re probably fine people, and they might even be more interesting than the ones I’ve photographed … but there was just nothing memorable about them.

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Family Chef FT 337 – First Look Whirlpool Microwave Family Chef FT 337


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Quick Look at the Joos Orange Solar Power Charger


If you’re going on a camping trip and can’t leave your electronic devices at home, this portable solar charger can replenish a smartphone’s battery with just a day in the sun.
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Chilla Frilla – MacBook Pro 15″ Unboxing and First Look


My Complete Unboxing and First Look of the Apple 15″ Unibody MacBook Pro. Featuring the new Core i5 and Core i7 Processors, Extended Battery Life, and nVidia GeForce GT 330M Graphics Card. Be sure to Subscribe for the Review =D Follow me on Twitter for live updates and news at:

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ASUS EEE PC 1001P Black Netbook Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips


ASUS EEE PC 1001P Black Netbook Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

All day computing is a big push from ASUS as they strive to deliver notebooks with 10+ hours of battery life at a variety of price points. This EEE PC is part of their entry level of all day computing notebooks.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook Notebook Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

25 Available in a variety of specs, this is a much more value-oriented ultrabook compared to competitors from the likes of Apple, ASUS, and Samsung.

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MSI GT780R 17″ Gaming Laptop First Look & Review- Part 1


Build Yours at (latest model GT780DX with nVidia GTX570M) The MSI GT780R just came in! We were excited to open the box and try out the unit. This is one of the few laptops we have seen that has a matte screen in a long time and we were happy to see the Dynaudio and dual exhaust features be carried over from the MSI GT683R as they were both features we really liked on the 15″ version of this laptop. The Geforce GTX560M is a very capable gpu and the Intel Core i7 2630QM is a extremely strong mobile processor. Top it off with 1TB of HDD and 16GB of RAM and you really have a fully loaded package here for a good price. The illuminated keyboard gives you an extra layer of customization and personalization and a good alternative to more expensive Alienware laptops if you really wanted that color led lit keyboard. Infact the Steelseries keyboard is better than that you can find on Alienware so this is a step forward. Well just check out the video for all the other information you may want, remember you can find more videos posted to the product page @ and if you have more questions post here on our video or go visit our forums.

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Easy methods to Look after A person’s Notebook Battery


Easy methods to Look after A person’s Notebook Battery

Article by Blue

Easy methods to Look after A person’s Notebook Battery – Computers – Hardware

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The matter having the majority of laptop batteries usually that they haven’t much happen to be made use of properly by his or her managers. A lot of the difficulties with all of them could be prevented by simply muscle-building activities more closely health care and extreme caution. This might not simply transform your life notebook battery’s operation, but may also raise it is lifetime. The following we discuss a lot of the items you must totally accomplish as a way to look after a person’s notebook or perhaps notebook computer battery.

you. Start out staying cautious about a person’s notebook battery right after you pay for a person’s notebook. Require distinct concerns in relation to what kind of battery it can be, just what exactly it is date associated with produce has been and the like. It’s essential to be sure this can be a lithium sheet metal hydride battery-these are the very best battery power to get digital camera merchandise at the moment. Check your date as well-lithium sheet metal hydride battery power could final to get up to some many years without having developing any kind of troubles. As appropriate, require your dealer to remove your battery and present to you it is creation date imprinted upon the item.

couple of. See to it while you are obtaining a person’s battery. Certainly not let a person’s notebook?battery going down to comprehensive totally free fee, for the reason that subsequently it takes to accomplish added in do the job in order to break your threshold and return to a optimum degree.

a few. In the same way, it is not necessary to fee a person’s battery in order to 100% continuously, with the exception of in all probability while you are obtaining. The best optimum obtaining variety in your notebook battery is definitely somewhere between thirty and 90%. Try not to fall out of your variety as much as you’ll be able to.

some. Whilst in your house, remove your notebook battery and do the job right through the AC mains. This would protect battery lifetime.

Be aware of all these very simple steps. A person’s <a target=”_new” rel=”nofollow” recharge?laptop?battery lifetime will be improved if you carry out.

http: //www. laptopsandparts4less. com provides Specific Quality notebook chargers portion shoppers around DELAWARE, US. We provide quality notebook areas. We take DELL, HP . P ., Toshiba, Sony, Acer Ac adapters, battery, storage upgrades and Wi-Fi cellular merchandise. We accomplish assist federal and public corporations upon pay for arrangement.

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Welcome to my website, our company is mainly engaged in computer accessories, including:power?adapters,ac?adapters,laptop?batterieskeyboards and other hard drive devices.

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Welcome to my website, our company is mainly engaged in computer accessories, including:power adapters,ac adapters,laptop batterieskeyboards and other hard drive devices.

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

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First Look: Lenovo ThinkPad X220 laptop


ThinkPad X Series brings you a new version of the world’s best-selling ultraportable laptop. Despite its thin profile, the X220 has full-power Intel processors (up to 2nd-generation Core i7) that perform roughly 60 percent faster than competitors running low-voltage CPUs. You also get 9 to 14 hours of battery life with a standard or high-capacity battery and as much as 23 hours using our external battery pack.

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Hp pavilion dv5 laptop (quick look at mine) p-no.1


Please read= Model: Pavilion DV5-1004ax CPU: AMD turion ™ X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-70 = 2.00GHz Graphics: ATI RADEON HD 3450- 256 dedicated RAM: 4GB upgraded form 2GB from HP part, HDD: 320gb 5400rpm Screen: 15.4″ AOC 1280×800 OS: Vista Home Premium 32bit will upgrade to 7 whensold DVD: Lightscribe super multi 8x DVD+-RW Battery: 6 cell (lasts about 2hr on 40% brightness, desktop use) Network: Realtek gigabit ethernet and WiFi Atheros AR5009, 802.11a/g/n 5 in 1 cardreader 2Megapixel webcam, remote, expansion slot, express card slot (no tv tuner in it)

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