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First Look Reviews: Toshiba NB200 Netbook


Megawhat were at the launch of the new Toshiba NB200, or the UX as it’s known in Japan. An update to their Netbook line up with a full size keyboard, long battery life, Intel Atom processor and a very up market finish Toshiba have kicked it up a notch.

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When To Look For A Replacement Laptop Battery And Why?

Laptop Battery
by liewcf

When To Look For A Replacement Laptop Battery And Why?

Imagine, what would it be like not to worry about the battery life of your laptop? Unfortunately, that’s an obsolete dream because laptop battery is an exhaustible source of energy— it wears off with prolonged use and mishandlings. And when it does, the frantic search for a replacement battery sets in. The volume of laptop users have increased by leaps and bounds unlike few years ago when laptops used to be only on the desks of business magnets. The rapid increase in the demand for personal laptop computers is the direct result of the affordability of laptops, mobile computing ability, internet evolution, improvement in technology and lastly, the competition among manufacturers.

A laptop owner may have to consider the option for procuring a laptop battery if the original battery has become too old or worn out. Or, in some cases, the necessity could be created by inappropriate use of  laptop— incomplete aeration of laptop computer battery as a result of keeping the laptop ‘on’ for an indefinite number of hours or throughout the night. In addition, most users commit the cardinal mistake of improper storage of laptops in unmanned places like lockers, cars, warehouses or make-shift stores. This sort of improper handling damages the battery life of laptop— being overheated or too cold. On top of that, operating laptops on slow surfaces such as couch or pillow also overheat them when their cooling vents are blocked. If a laptop user fall under the category of those who often stumble upon these mistakes, the chances of procuring a replacement laptop battery is multiplied.

Thinking of buying a replacement laptop battery? Firstly, it is important to ascertain if the laptop user wishes to buy an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement battery such as Dell laptop battery, IBM Laptop Battery, Acer laptop battery etc. or a third-party aftermarket replacement battery because OEM battery are more expensive compared to independent third-party battery supplier. As a matter of fact, any industry certified batteries can fit the case perfectly as long as the correct voltage and current are supplied to the laptop irrespective of the product brands. However, these aftermarket batteries may also be loaded with glitches and hitches— they may be cheap but users may have to compromise on the quality of the batteries too.

Buying a cheap replacement battery may also have to face the possibility of procuring recycled and refurbished batteries, while in the latter, the chemical cells are replaced with new ones, and then restored to OEM specifications. Technically, some refurbished batteries are reported to last longer than OEM batteries of older model laptops. Whatever be the type of replacement battery used, it is important to ground check the manufacturers’ reputation and credibility to avoid inconveniences.

Shopping for a replacement laptop battery is not a rocket science neither does it require technical ‘know-how’s’ nor does it need users to run around from pillar to post, having said that it definitely calls for common sense.  Keeping budget plans in place along with the make and role model of the laptop battery and its compatibility are the most important referendum during the purchase of replacement laptop battery.

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